91 thoughts on “Blue serenity

  1. Simply gorgeous! Of course, your creative captures say a lot about you and your lovely soul too!


  2. I needed this moment of serenity – thank you! “Ducks floating on a lake of velvet…” Beautiful.


  3. “And the whole world breathed

    In and out –

    Speaking of blue serenity.”

    Fiona, I loved the way you expressed that. You have such a gifted way of painting descriptions by using the perfect words!

    GLORIOUS photographs! The second one looks mystical. It literally took my breath away!

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend!


  4. You must be back from New York – hope you had a great time (without being embroiled in the political presidential tensions on this side of the ocean). Love the 2nd capture with the gentle movement of the waves! Thanks for visiting me.


  5. Lovely photos. It was interesting to see shades of blue at “your” waterfront today. Normally you show us beautiful shades of pink and lilac. Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. Now that is what I call an infinity pond! Don’t forget to stop by and let me have your details as you were my giveaway winner, if you can. I have the prize in my suitcase to post in Europe!
    Wren x


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