Frosted flowers

It’s still too mild and grey for November, so I’m looking back to the end of October

When the frost presented a cheery iced sun;

And a wild pink rose

Covered in cold eyelashes.

Further on, a rose bud

Shimmered with melted hopes and ice —

And I found myself

At the beating heart of nature itself.

For more flowery scenes, please visit: Our World.

87 thoughts on “Frosted flowers

  1. Hi Fiona, Frost does make for some great photos, doesn’t it??? We’ve only had one frost so far—with no damage to our roses yet… It’s been fairly mild here also this month…

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. Such stunning photos, the frosted flowers and the leaf! =)

    many beaufitul photos below also, but “brrr…!” ain’t it too cold to bath?! your dog is a though one! a hero! =)


  3. Exquisite captures, Fiona! I love the colors and frost — particularly in the second shot! Brian is right, the kiss of frost does make for a beautiful capture!! Have a great week!


  4. WOW! These just take my breath away …. love every one but “hearts” in nature have a very special place in my own heart …. so I guess you know which one I like best 🙂


  5. i would love some frosted towers or leaves to photograph but then i would need to deal with the icy temps … i can wait .. nevertheless your frosted shots are awesome


  6. Your frosty pictures are just beautiful! My favourite one is number two, but they all have their own kind of beauty.
    Thank you for coming to visit Reflections and Nature and for your kind comment. Sandra


  7. Back again. I was here after you visited a blog of mine through Skywatch.but didn’t comment. Your blog is really beautiful. I will put it on my list for daily visits.


    1. Thanks for the visit. I couldn’t find a way to leave a comment, so unfortunately I had to leave your lovely blog without saying how much I liked your shots!

      Lady Fi wrote: > New comment on your post “Frosted flowers” > Author : Cuidado (IP: , > E-mail : > URL : > Whois :


  8. Wonderful frosty offerings! I’m off-line a good deal now as the year draws to a close. But I always enjoy visiting you and seeing your magical photos. You put a smile in my heart.


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