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Snow sprinkles

This is a winter’s tail

(Excuse the pun!) 

Winter's tail

A tale of how snow decorates

And transforms.


How the bare bones of winter

Have their own stark beauty.


The woods have a deep magic —

Although it helps to have a sweet Rottweiler puppy in the picture too!

Puppy in snow copy

And here, a lone wooden cottage

Seems to be bathing in snow kisses.

Little house copy

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There’s snow business like snow business

Life doesn’t get much better than this:

Freezing mornings with glitter and diamonds;

Diamonds and dog

A good long walk in the thick snow

And plenty of play and smiles.

No one snows this better than Oscar.

(OK – I know I’m on thin ice here, so snow more puns!)

Smiling in snow copy

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And the Oscar goes to…

Please indulge me as I celebrate Oscar’s tenth birthday with some … well … Oscars (and very bad puns).

Oscar for best smile…

(Muzzle tof!)

Oscar for best yoga position …

(It’s ruff, but he can do it.)

And, of course, Oscar for best swimmer.

Paws for thought…

Perhaps that should be an Olympic Gold for swimming instead?

This is the end of my birthday tail —

You kennel stop growling at my bad puns now.

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Fowl play

When I was in England this summer, we went to Brighton beach.

The seagulls there was as big as houses and as brave as lions.

These birds remind me that gulls just want to have fun.

Some of the birds flew so close you could feel their claws on your head.

In the words of Beyoncé, if you like it, you’d better put a ring on it.

The young gulls had lovely markings that made it easy for them to camouflage themselves among the pebbles of the beach.

This one appeared to be showing off by shaking his tail feathers.

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The last week of the school holidays saw us taking a few days away in Gothenburg.

We stayed in a huge glass hotel that was in the process of being built. Only one of the towers is ready,

But if you lego of reality and use your imagination, this is what it will look like once it’s finished.

(This is a small scale view of the three towers in LEGO.)

The hotel room had a great view of Gothenburg’s famous funfair.

Swaying in those glass bubbles 60 metres up in the sky reduced me to a blubbering mess.

You could say it took the fun out of fair and turned it more into a fun-fear.

Before hitting the funfair, we visited Universeum, Scandinavia’s largest science museum.

The museum has four floors of rainforest running through the middle of it.

It was like finding a secret slice of paradise.

After spending four hours wrestling dinosaurs and snakes and conducting science experiments

And another nine hours at the fair,

My dino-mo was running down.

(There was a great display of animatronic dinosaurs on the roof of the museum.)

Time to enjoy one last sunset and a good night’s sleep before returning home.

Not a bad way to end the summer holidays.

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Taking the Mickey

As you know, I spent last week at Disneyland just outside Paris.

The place was swarming with delightful princesses and funny head gear.

These three Mickeys (or should I say ‘goofies’?) caught my eye.

‘Ear they are. (Pun intended!) Meet the family…

If you’ve ever been to a Disney Resort, then you know that you need the stamina of a marathon runner.

With aching feet in temperatures of over 30 C the first day, I wanted whatever he was smoking…

We were overjoyed to find a rat in our food

And I stayed firmly on the ground as I let the others get slung into orbit on Space Mountain.

There’s nothing more exhausting or fun than getting into a festive mood every day and just enjoying life.

I dedicated myself to the task. After all, it was the Minnie-mum I could do.

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Of bad puns and posts

Post number 400 in about 20 months…

So, I thought I’d make it a wheely good one!

Have my bad puns tire-d you out yet?

Feel free to celebrate with me and add your own bad jokes…