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September swim

September has been magically warm.

One evening, my daughter and I went down to the lake

For a sunset swim.


The dogs dived in for joy

While the sun cast its orange glow

On water and stone.


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Prancing into spring

It was a cold and windy day in late April

And the beavers were busy down by the lake.

Beaver bites.jpg

The chill in the air did nothing

To dampen the enthusiasm of Ruby and Simmie —

Look at those ears fly!


Being down at the lake

Means only one thing: swimming fun!

(That’s Ruby jumping in so elegantly.)


Later on, Simmie showed me the true meaning

Of prancing as I enjoyed the view across the water

And dreamed of warmer days.


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Autumn joy

Autumn is a time

Of flamboyance;


When anything is possible —

Like flaming leaves glowing in the light of the rising sun

On an outdoor barbecue.


And, of course, it’s a time

For play in the autumn leaves

(This is Ruby.)

Autumn joy

And the exuberance of a swim

Amid the autumn joy.

(This is my goofball, Simmie.)


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Waters of wonder

New Year’s Eve: so mild that it was warm enough for swimming

In the pink sunset.

Dogs - -sunset copy

Reminding me that it’s always good to jump into the waters of wonder.

Because once you’ve experienced new things, your mind can never go back to its old dimensions.

Dogs 2

Only then can you really appreciate the true beauty

Of the setting sun.


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It’s always bitter-sweet when summer starts

Its slow retreat into autumn.

For those of us with short summers and long winters,

It’s often a matter of creating memories

joyful jump

And bottling up those intense moments

Of summer joy

So that we can spread some sunshine later on.

It brings to mind one of my favourite metaphorical quotes by Camus:

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.

Jump 2 copy

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Clear light

There is beauty there

In that ribbon of clear light

After the storm.

Clear light 2

And, of course, there’s always

Swimming for Oscar!

Clear light sunset copy

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Blue sky joy

We’re still at the charming cottage with the garden sloping down to the sea

And a private jetty inviting us to swim.

Swim 1

Each morning starts with a jump of joy

Under the blue jay skies of summer.

The day rushes by quickly when you’re having fun in the water.


(I only have a slow Internet connection so won’t be around much to visit you. Hope you’ll understand why!)

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And the Oscar goes to…

Please indulge me as I celebrate Oscar’s tenth birthday with some … well … Oscars (and very bad puns).

Oscar for best smile…

(Muzzle tof!)

Oscar for best yoga position …

(It’s ruff, but he can do it.)

And, of course, Oscar for best swimmer.

Paws for thought…

Perhaps that should be an Olympic Gold for swimming instead?

This is the end of my birthday tail —

You kennel stop growling at my bad puns now.

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Dog, reflected

Take a gorgeous end-of-summer sunset,

A dog

And mix with the reflected sky.

Repeat often for joy and smiles.

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Oscar has taught me this:

Live life in the anticipation that

Something wonderful

Is just around the corner.

(Even if it’s just a dip in the local lake…)

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