Autumn joy

Autumn is a time

Of flamboyance;


When anything is possible —

Like flaming leaves glowing in the light of the rising sun

On an outdoor barbecue.


And, of course, it’s a time

For play in the autumn leaves

(This is Ruby.)

Autumn joy

And the exuberance of a swim

Amid the autumn joy.

(This is my goofball, Simmie.)


For more happy moments, please visit: Our World.

93 thoughts on “Autumn joy

  1. Oh, you established itself in beautiful autumn. Great pictures.
    I see that Ruby and Simmie are very happy.
    Please, stroking it from me.
    In my rainy, autumnal.
    Greetings from Poland.


  2. Glorious colors and a happy dog and it doesn’t get any better than that!! Terrific captures, as always, Fiona!! And thank you, as always, for sharing the beauty and the fun with us!! What a great start for the new week!! Enjoy!!!


  3. Wonderful, such beautiful colours. It’s spring here now but we still have some scrunchy brown goodness underfoot after a long time without rain. My feet always find the dry leaves, even if it means me winding a rather wild, wavering path to get to them 🙂


  4. Thank you for the flaming red leaves in the light of a new day! Thanks for your visit. The photo is beautiful, but it’s not mine, it is from a leaflet in new Zealand.
    Wil, ABCW Team


  5. this time last year i was in Amsterdam where the fall foliage was exquisite .. and your first photo brings back memories of the street we stayed on


  6. the colours of autumn are so joyful. We don’t have fall colours here of course in Australia, expect on imported plants, but we went down to a wonderful tree park last autumn to enjoy the autumn show. Wonderful. Have a great week and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.


  7. What a gorgeous post! I love the colours of Autumn! The red leaves against the retaining wall are fabulous and your dogs, Ruby & Simmie, are beautiful! You brought a smile to my face. Thank you 🙂


  8. We don’t have much seasonal change where I live, so enjoying the Fall colors now [ours is usually in December when everyone else is getting snow] with you is loads of fun. My favorite is your furbaby running in the fallen leaves.


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