Skinny dipping

Nearly mid-November and a chill in the air.

Perfect weather for skinny dipping!

The moon slipped into the cool water with silver grace.

The dog looked longingly – in his familiar place – into the purple glow,

And gave into temptation —

Creating delicious ripples in the satin sheet of water.

In the last light of dusk,

A family of feathered beauties

Bathed in the purple moonlight.

For more adventurous creatures, please: Camera Critters.

80 thoughts on “Skinny dipping

  1. What a gorgeous way to end the day — any day! Love the colors! Fun to see the dog swimming — that water has to be really cold though!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend, Fiona!



  2. You have captured all of my favourite colours here! I’m in complete awe of each capture and the exquisite beauty you’ve woven with your words! This a WoWer of a post for me! The dog reminds me of my beloved Shandi, who was a miniature Golden Retriever 🙂

    ~* Absolutely B R E A T H ♥ T A K I N G beauty *~ from start to finish 🙂


  3. Oscar is such a lucky boy to go skinny dipping with the Moon! And you, Fi, are lucky, too, to be bathed in those Moon colors. Your lake is magic – ever-changing and always photogenic.


  4. Those are amazing photos, and a lovely story. You have a beautiful environment around, very tranquil and serene. Even the dogs and birds can’t resist its temptation! Those are winning photos.


  5. Fantastic series of photos. Maybe your dog’s coat is water repellant enough so that he didn’t get cold. Bless him, he just had to jump in, cold or not!


  6. That puppy of yours is going to be so sad when the lake freezes over!!! I think about that every time I see him swimming….glad he can still enjoy it for now though! The shots are fabulous- LOVE the purplish color!!!


  7. The tones are amazing! Did you use a tripod? Although the one where the dog is on the bridge doesn’t show any motion, it means it either was a very patient and still dog or a fast shutter speed.
    Was the dog not cold after the swim?


  8. Nature puts on a delightful show for you, and you capture it so well for the rest of us to delight. I love the first picture with moon nestled in the tree limbs, dappled reflection in the water. You’ve a gift.


  9. I think you’re the number one in terms of the poetic photography of the world created by the last light of the sun. Wondrously and mystically beautiful world of purple!


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