Ballet shoes

Autumn skies:

Sometimes, pumpkin-coloured;

Sometimes, grey.

Acting as a delicate background for long elegant leaves in high heels.

And when the sun shines,

Only delicate ballet shoes remain —

A reminder that renewal can be found in endings.

For more delicate skies, please visit: Skywatch.

85 thoughts on “Ballet shoes

  1. It is always a pleasure to visit here, as you have a poetic mindset and see the unseen in nature, something that I love. Even Noveber holds true beauty, as can be seen in your images. Have a lovely week,


  2. November is a favorite month of mine. It is much more solitary and with muted color, but in that solitary bleakness that most associate with a dying, lies the hardening seeds of renewal and room being made for the next generation of life. Those photos and your words capture it beautifully.


  3. Hi There, Oh how I love your pictures… The leaf one with the water drops is awesome.

    I love the statement about finding renewal in endings is GREAT… That is so true in Fall —when things are dying, yet there’s much more to see in them…

    Thanks for the great post.


  4. I always look forward to what your eye has seen through the lens, Fi. I believe in your words – endings are necessary for new beginnings. Enjoy your weekend with family. A winter storm is coming through the Mts of CO (hopefully).


  5. “Acting as a delicate background for long elegant leaves in high heels.” ~ WoW! Wonderfully creative and again, stunning photographs! You are very talented and I love how you add well crafted lines to accompany your awesome pictures! The third shot really does look like a pair of ballet shoes hanging as an ornament!

    Keep up the wonderful work and have a great weekend!
    Fiona x0x 🙂


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