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The Silver Stallions

Last week, I stayed in a charming village a couple of hours north of Stockholm.

I discovered a sculpture of silver stallions with half moons on their heads.


As the sun set in a purple haze,

Those half moons seemed to scoop up the real moon.

It was a lovely sight!


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Double moon sky

It’s a frosty dawn,

And the moon reflects in the still waters of the lake


Like a penny dipped in silver.

The golden trees are a tapestry of light.


Later on, we get to the little beach by the sauna house:

The moon is gone,

But not the beauty of a calm, early morning with frost.


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Ruby on a rock

The dawn glowed apricot

And the moon hung gloriously golden in the sky.

Ruby loves jumping up onto rocks —

The higher the better.


Photo taken with my iPhone.

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Misty beauty

Sunrise and it’s the autumn equinox:

The lake is still and beautiful

With rising mist in shades of pink.


The moon admires itself in the water –

Reflecting brightly like a silver penny.

(I’ve forgotten my big camera —

But as the saying goes, “The best camera is the one you have with you.”)

Moon and mist.jpg

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Pink martini

Pour me a pink martini

Out of the sky;

Pink horizon

Let my eyes get drunk

On the beauty —

Pink moon

Or serve up the moon

On ice instead.

Lake view

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Moon rising

With such short days, sometimes the dawn

Is a silver coin of moon instead of the sun.


It is the misty blue hour

Of moon rising

When all seems possible


As a heron skims across life’s surface.

It brings to mind a lovely verse written by Rumi:

“Some nights stay up till dawn,
as the moon sometimes does for the sun.
Be a full bucket pulled up the dark way
of a well, then lifted out into light.”

Moonrise - heron

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Skinny dipping

Nearly mid-November and a chill in the air.

Perfect weather for skinny dipping!

The moon slipped into the cool water with silver grace.

The dog looked longingly – in his familiar place – into the purple glow,

And gave into temptation —

Creating delicious ripples in the satin sheet of water.

In the last light of dusk,

A family of feathered beauties

Bathed in the purple moonlight.

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Wiring the moon

Telegraph wires, laden with snow, cross the twilight sky.

Now, the moon peeks boldly through

Leading the eye to a rainbow moonscape of snow.

What you see in life all depends on your perspective.

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Bella Luna

After unseasonably warm weather, December finally got into winter mode with a sudden sharp frost

That let us walk on a carpet of diamonds.

And the moon – oh that glorious honeydew melon of a moon…

It hung in the early morning sky, a golden honey orb that painted the world in gold and silver and ice.

Here’s wishing you all a remarkable new year…

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Winter is blue!

It’s official! Thanks to Kelli in Denmark, I’m now sending off this catchy new tourism slogan to the Tourist Board: Welcome to Scandinavia: where the weather is out of focus even when you haven’t been drinking!

After the wet-washing-on-a-line kind of weather, Monday dawned clear and bright. As I picked my way carefully on the icy path at 6.45 am (out walking with the dog), I looked up to see the most wondrous moon setting behind the trees. It was ablaze – a glorious orange ball. I rushed back at break-neck speed to get my camera. (You need to understand that break-neck speed on a path of sheer ice is the equivalent of the speed of a snail…) Oh – the things I do for you, dear readers! Risk neck and limb to take a fabulous photo.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t it! The moon was nearly below the trees by the time I had slid my way back to a suitable shooting point. See that orange ball? That is the moon taunting me as it slides out of view.


But just imagine this: an enormous Chinese Lantern … without the gold lettering… and orange in colour… That’s right! A huge orange hanging in the sky. So big you could see all its dimples … its lunar cellulite, if you like.

And have you noticed how blue the photo is? Just one more bit of proof that winter is so cold it is blue!

I like it.