Pink moon delight

You have found your way to the new-look Lady Fi! Thank you. My other theme is no longer being supported, which is why I’ve changed.

I enjoyed the lunar eclipse and

The blood red moon at minus 15 C on Monday.

It was too cold to take photos – so here is

A pink moon shot with Ruby that I took last year.

For more delights, please go to: Skywatch.

56 thoughts on “Pink moon delight

  1. This new look is good-looking! It’s actually neat. Your pink moon picture is lovely too! I watched the blood moon and I braved the cold to capture it. That will be my next blog.


  2. I love your pink theme, and your photo. And yes, it sounds a bit chilly for taking photos. We were hanging right around 0 C (32F) and it was very cold.


  3. GLORIOUS sky, Fiona! You photograph captures the color so stunningly.

    It was very cold here on Monday as well, but not nearly as cold where you are. Odd weather we’re having, this morning it was extremely warm and humid, almost summer-like. But then we I left work this evening and walked outside, the temp dropped down into the low 30’s. Tomorrow it goes down into the 20’s. Very strange weather.

    Have a fabulous weekend, my friend! 🙂


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