100 thoughts on “Pink martini

  1. The hue always comes out just right for the scene. It gives me the impression that Sweden is that colour all over. I’d visit Sweden except there is a severe danger that I might try to eat the landscape. All the best to Oscar. 🙂


  2. You always have the most gorgeous, pastel skies, Fiona!! What a way to begin or end a day! I always love the water, too!! Terrific captures and your words are perfect! Have a beautiful, wonderful weekend!!


  3. Wow! You get such beautifully coloured skies where you live. Reminds me of when I was a child and I lived in northern climes where the winter skies are usually colourful. Not like where I live now. The skies for half the year are generally dull land gray.


  4. che magnifica luna, in questo incredibile cielo viola!
    buona festa della donna mia cara
    that magnificent Moon, in this incredible purple sky!
    happy women’s day my dear


  5. You get some truly amazing coloured skies – and you have a knack for picking just the right name as in this one – “pink martini”. Perfect!


  6. You are a genius with your camera. And I’m so glad that Swedish nature is there for you to enjoy. Because I feel that you really do, you convey that through your photos. Thank you from this old Swede in a faraway land.


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