Misty beauty

Sunrise and it’s the autumn equinox:

The lake is still and beautiful

With rising mist in shades of pink.


The moon admires itself in the water –

Reflecting brightly like a silver penny.

(I’ve forgotten my big camera —

But as the saying goes, “The best camera is the one you have with you.”)

Moon and mist.jpg

For more mist-erious shots, please visit: Skywatch.

99 thoughts on “Misty beauty

  1. WOW….stunning photographs, Fiona! The mistiness you captured makes them look so dreamy and mystical!

    This is my all-time favorite season of the year, so thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous images!

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend!



  2. Even though I don’t always comment I absolutely love your photos. You always capture the most beautiful scenes and light! Thank you for sharing what you see through your lens. Happy Autumn to you.


  3. immagini strepitose, mia cara! ritrovo quei colori meravigliosi che tanto mi fanno emozionare!
    Ti ringrazio tantissimo per la tua costante presenza nei miei post durante il mio lungo girovagare estivo!
    un caro abbraccio Annalisa


  4. Beautiful images. As for the camera, photography is kind of like golf. It has more to do with the person holding the camera rather than the camera itself. I’ve been looking at images that my uncle captured in North Africa, Italy, and France during world war 2. He had to use paper film because of wartime restrictions and develop the film himself but he made some pretty great photos.

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