Flying the sky

Oh, to be a bird

Winging it up high,

Swimming in lilac clouds,

Diving in the silken net of the sky,

Freedom and flight.

Oh, to be a bird

Singing the skies,

Living in sunshine and hope,

Drinking the wild air

And rejoicing in every strand and filament

of light.

For more joyful heavens, please visit: Skywatch!

44 thoughts on “Flying the sky

  1. How utterly heart-lifting! Just came online to sort out a blog crisis and gave myself a minute to visit. Feeling much less frantic now!


  2. Marvelous captures and wonderful words to match! I was in need of a bit of a lift this evening — thank you, Ladyfi!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!



  3. Beautiful Lady say things so well..I was wondering How is Oscar? Is he able to be off leash and run a bit he getting all healed up? I loved your “getting dressed” comment..I have never heard that before..thanks always for your comments..I appreciate them! 🙂


  4. I would love to be those birds, freedom from all worries and chores

    We have gannets that fly from Australia to New Zealand every year.


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