Go for it!

As many of you know, my fuzzy buddy, Oscar, was badly bitten nearly three months ago.

60 stitches can take a toll on a dog, especially when he has to be on a lead and cut back on his daily exercise. (It takes a toll on the owner too!)

But now.. now.. his wonderful zest for life is back! Just like it was before the incident…

And although I’m not throwing any balls for him to catch because I don’t want to twist his leg, there’s always next winter. He can run around in the woods off the leash and he has even started swimming in the lake. Yes – his leg is as good as new!

Seize the moment, jump high for joy and remember to give today a happy ending! (Sorry – I got all cheesy there for a moment …)

Please note that these photos were taken during the winter. The snow is ALL gone now!

For more happy animals, please visit: Camera Critters!

46 thoughts on “Go for it!

  1. I was wondering about the snow….and feeling mighty sorry for you if that was on the ground at your place still…..
    It’s horrible when our fur babies have a rough time, especially since they can’t say how they feel themselves you have to be more in tune to their body language, that usually speaks volumes and it sounds like your fur baby is feeling super duper!!! :-))


  2. It’s so good that dear Oscar can run off the lead again. It’s so hard for an active dog to accept such limitations – and be as cheesy as you like – that’s why we have pets, isn’t it? 😉


  3. Good news about Oscar. He must have been getting very bored of being below par – he’s clearly such a very active animal under normal circumstances!


  4. The poor baby, but I am so glad to hear that he is recovering well.

    Good thing that you put those disclaimers on this post. The first thing I thought, was “they still have snow?”.



  5. I’m SO glad he has been fully restored and is bouncing once again. Sixty stitches is a LOT. What a happy scene! Give him a big kiss on his soft snout for me! (And Minky says for her, too. She thinks he’s rather handsome all battled scarred and everything…..!)


  6. What happy news! Glad is wasn’t some rogue scoundrel just attacking out of the blue. We have a LOT of that over here. JoJo was attacked that way once and it scarred her for three years. She wouldn’t even approach puppies. Those things can happen even among the best doggie mates! XOXOXOXO Oscar!


  7. Glad Oscar is on the mend. Our neighbor’s dog had to be inactive for a few months due to surgery and it was difficult for everyone not to throw balls and play with him.


  8. I love watching dogs romp. There’s no finer exhibition of joy and zest for life. We can all learn a thing or twelve from our furry buddies.

    Glad your pup is on the mend. 🙂


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