Once bitten, twice shy?

What does Sir Walter Raleigh and my dog, Oscar, have in common?

Any guesses?

Well, they’re both wearing Elizabethan collars!

In Oscar’s case, it’s not a 16th century fashion statement, but a necessity.

The poor lad was badly bitten on his front leg and after three days of drainage tubes, the doctor could see the muscle and state, “It looks like mincemeat in there!”

She cancelled all her appointments to operate on him immediately.

And … after an hour on the operating table,

Two metres of sewing thread

And sixty stitches!!

My fuzzy buddy is at home with meds that would make even the most enthusiastic junkie happy.

Unfortunately, the op means six weeks of rest and  only teeny-tiny walks. I’m sure both of us will be going mad(der) by the end of it – although I have promised myself to get out for those lovely long energizing walks anyway.

It won’t be the same without my faithful companion, but at least he’ll be sunbathing in winter sunshine and getting plenty of love.

For lots of healthy pets, please pop over to: Pet Pride!

56 thoughts on “Once bitten, twice shy?

  1. I’m puddle conscious right now: Bali (cat!) came home this morning SOAKING; we have a little lotus pond downstairs and he often drinks from it. We figure in reaching up to it (it’s a little built-up off the ground), he actually fell in….poor little guy was baffled, wet, and meowing like mad, too confused to even push in his cat door :))


  2. Poor little guy and poor you too having to share his pain! But those collars are a very clever way of stopping animals constantly biting and licking an infected area! Hope you both get well very soon!


  3. Aw – poor Oscar! Get well soon golden dude, focus on the treats and fussing you’re going to get and when you feel a bit better start to milk it for all it’s worth, he he he! What were you bitten by? Grrr – not nice! We’re sending healing vibes your way. Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


  4. Oh poor Oscar, I do hope after this he has a trouble free spell.

    Our rescue, Poppy, spends her life in a collar because she self-mutilates otherwise. My legs have permanent ridges where she has tried to push me out of the way


  5. Poor doggy these collars are so awful to wear ! He really looks unhappy. (note Sir Walter doesn’t look very happy either, I wonder if somebody bit him too ?) Fortunately he didn’t loose his paw. My cat Arthur was bitten so badly in his tail that he almost lost it.


  6. Poor Oscar! That attack must have been horrific for him – guess he was lucky that it was only his leg that got bitten.

    We wish him a full and speedy recovery. Clive absolutely hates having to wear those collars so I hope Oscar is more accepting of his one! That is some amount of stitches!

    I hope the other dog owner feels suitably guilty! If her dog is that vicious it should be wearing a muzzle. We have seen the dreadful consequences here of Guide Dogs being attacked and then not being able to work for weeks – or in some cases having to be retired – and the huge impact that has on their Guide Dog owners.

    Love to Oscar from us all!


  7. He’s beautiful. What a sweet face. Poor guy. I’ve had to use those collars on pets before, too. Hope his recovery goes according to plan and that you have your loving companion back with you on your walks soon.


  8. Awwww bless his heart! Love that sweet face! Hope he recovers soon and can get rid of his Shakespeare costume!! Sam, Mojo and me send lots of love and hugs. Know you miss your walks! We’ll be thinking of you!!

    Sylvia, Sam and Mojo


  9. Poor thing, my dogs hate those collars- so hope he learns to leave his sore alone quickly and you can take that thing off of him…don’t you have a long sleeve t-shirt to put on him? Then he can’t lick the sore and doesn’t have to wear that thing!! Oh…I just feel so sorry for them with that horrible collar on…big hugs to your fur baby…


  10. Poor boy – it must have been so painful. Don’t they just hate those Elizabethan collars – and they get so messy when the poor animal is eating. Hope Oscar makes a good recovery and doesn’t meet any more unpleasant dogs. It won’t spoil his temperament anyway 🙂


  11. What?? How did wonderful Oscar get himself into this scrape? I thought he was like Sir Walter because of his chivalry… Poor guy – my Golden used to hate the dreaded collar. Sending him Get Well wishes from CO.


  12. oh, no. Poor Oscar! I’m glad the Vet was able to operate right away and it sounds as if he will be fine. Our son and dil’s dog had to wear a collar like that for a while after some surgery — quite efficient in doing what it needs to do.


  13. Aw … poor Oscar! Sixty stitches is a LOT! My previous dog, Zonker had to wear a collar like this during summers because he was allergic to sand fleas. I’m relieved they don’t seem to bother Molly at all. We’re sending healing thoughts for a speedy recovery.
    Hugs and blessings,
    Small Reflections


  14. Poor Oscar..sounds like a vicious attack..and then it probably got infected and started to break down.. I hope he recovers quickly. It looks high on the shoulder..it will take longer to heal..hope he doesn’t pop any stitches open.. and that he tolerates the drugs..poor Oscar..he will need homemade dog treats to help him recover I am just sure of it:)


  15. Oh poor poor pups! My big guy completely blew out his knee a few years ago. The hardest part is definitely when they feel fine but the vet still says no playing yet!


  16. Poor Oscar. The bite looks dreadful. You don’t mention the other dog – I hope it and the owner didn’t get away with it. But to matters of sartorial elegance – Oscar looks very smart and of course very Elizabethan.


  17. Oh I so understand within two weeks I had cones on both my dogs!! One for a mole on his eye and another for a tumor where they had to remove part of his eyelid !!! It is so hard !!! Mine both pulled through it fine! I am glad your doggie is OK !!!


  18. Poor Oscar! But so glad the vet was able to fix him up… and I hope the collar doesn’t by chance frighten him any. My poor Trixie would startle herself silly when she hit the collar on a doorframe… it was a loooooonggggg 3 weeks when she had to wear her very scary collar!

    I hope Oscar is already doing better this weekend. Give him a scritch behind the ear for me! 🙂


  19. Not again!!!!!

    And I’m guessing this is a reply to both this and the post about crying. Unfortunately my dogs were never very co-operative when it came to the collars, either they went on a hunger-strike or didn’t move at all. Or, icing on the cake here…IF they decided to move they moved backwards (like that would get the collar off). I resigned, stayed home and watched them like a hawk instead…yup…that’s how big of a mother hen I am. But, I have discovered THE best invention now.

    They don’t have them in all animal hospitals, but fortunately for me they had them in the new one that I am going to now. Looks like a regular travel neck pillow – inflatable – but goes all the way around the neck. And it is…ehh…thicker/wider than a travel pillow. Works like a charm, and neither dogs nor cats hate them. Only thing is to remember to take them of every now and then to give the fur and skin some air. But then again, you have to to that with those horrid lamp shade collars too. Give it a try, those effin’ plastic collars cramp their style, these new one doesn’t.

    As for crying, no kids but right now I can’t even read this post without crying. I’ve always been a cryer when it comes to books but never to movies, but weddings, funerals, when someone is nice to me – yep…I’m bawling. Can you imagine the scenario when I had to read an extremely beautiful piece about love from the bible in church at my sisters wedding in front of 60 ppl? Oh yeah, I cried…but still did it!

    Give Oscar a big kiss from the crazy family, and buy the other kind of collar. No need to cramp his style, he’s waaaay too cool for that :o)

    // The real Blue (not the renter of my blog)


  20. OH HOW in the WORLD did I miss this? Your poor baby! WHO BIT HIM? Details please and were they sorry and did they pay for his repairs? Oh please tell me they did and it wasn’t owner neglect but just a terribly unfortunate accident. I’m sorry I missed this. Now back to your happy ending…….


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