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Watching a flock of birds

Birds 1

Dance across the fiery canopy of the sky

On flame-tipped wings;

On fiery wings copy

And flying beyond the silver sliver of the moon

Is pure poetry.

Fly me to the moon

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Blue sky with side orders

Thank you for your best wishes about my dad’s health. Recovery will be slow, but at least it’s going in the right direction.

It was mild when I was in England, so now I present:

Blue sky with a side order of…

Palm tree (outside my parents’ house);

Palm tree

Love birds on antennas


And street lamp with reflection.

Let’s spare a kind word and smile — or extend an invitation — to those feeling alone or depressed during this holiday season.

Street lamp

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Parasol skies

Late summer — and dawn is finally making an appearance again at a reasonable time.

Some mornings, sunrise unfurls like a parasol

Made of blue silk;


Sometimes the dawn

Is an orange burst;

Orange burst

But my favourite kind of sunrise

Is one of peace and reflection,

A canvas ready for colour

And the signature of three small birds in flight.


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Birds on a wire

I’m still in England —

And probably enjoying a view like this one over the Sussex countryside.

I just love the lamps, the birds

And the golden tapestry of the field behind.

Birds on wire

For more golden moments, please visit: Skywatch. And I apologize in advance for not being able to visit you.

Softly spring

Spring dances in —

Two steps forward and one step back.

Frosty dawn

Frosted dawns

Give way to soft pink light.

Pink light

Blue skies are serenaded

By blur of wings and trees

Waiting to burst into bud.

Blur of wings

And winter leaves behind

A fragile reminder of its return.

Old leaf copy

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Feathered hope

An early golden sunset;

Birds flying off into the horizon; echoes of their flight left on the water.

For some reason, this simple scene

Filled me with hope for the future

And peace in the present.

‘Hope is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul.’
— Emily Dickinson
Winter sunset
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Trust in wings

This bird on the neighbours’ apple tree

Reminds me of that saying about

Birds not being afraid of the branches breaking

Because they trust in their own wings.

That self-confidence is the greatest gift

We can give our children.

Bird on blossom

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Musical birds

After the silence of winter,

Spring makes itself heard in the loud

Symphony of birds

Twittering, singing, warbling.

It’s a feathered harmony of music!

Fire sky copy

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Creatures in Paris

As you probably know, I’ve just got back from a trip to Paris.

Parisians love their dogs and you can see them following their owners off the lead in even the busiest streets.

Owners and dogs enjoy life along the banks of the Seine.

Dog and man

The pigeons on the many bridges of Paris

Are remarkably tame and pose willingly for photos.

Tame pigeons

This bird has one of the best backdrops in Paris —

Notre Dame.

Bird ND

My favourite animals, however, have to be

The stone gargoyles that decorate the many churches.

(This one is smiling at me from Notre Dame.

Like me, he seems happy to see some spring blossoms.)


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The farewell

As we stand on the cusp of autumn and winter,

The birds fly off into the pink dawn

Early every morning

Looking like autumn leaves in the rising sun.

The stragglers skim the silver surface of the lake

In perfect and opposite harmony

Looking like little origami birds.

“In order to see birds it is necessary to become a part of the silence.” — Robert Lynd

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