Signs of spring

It’s hard to believe that spring is here as I’m still huddled inside my winter jacket. Hat and gloves are also necessary to stave off a chill in the air that would not disgrace autumn itself. (That’s fall if you speak American.)

And yet… I can feel energy and beauty pulsing underneath the surface.

Poetry in motion…

… A jump shared is twice the joy!

Children’s happiness is surely the personification of spring.

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56 thoughts on “Signs of spring

  1. children’s and the cat who has been cooped up indoors all winter. Emmitt feels like jumping too with all this sunshine! No matter how icy the air is!


  2. Definitely Fi, watching the kids at work, up to their ankles in rain puddles having a blast….it kinda makes you forget the weather a moment…and is it spring??? Hadn’t noticed, but thanks for the update!! hahahaha…


  3. Some inventor in New Zealand claims that these type of trampoline is invented here. I am not sure, But then this little country is into garage inventions ion a big way.


  4. oh, it most certainly is.
    I wonder if thats what makes us so fond of it. missing that freedom.
    Hope you don’t have to wear your winter coat for too much longer, man.


  5. Beautiful Children! They look to be having an absolute ball on that Trampoline! Burning off some of that early summer/late spring energy!!
    Our grand boys had one of these in the back yard until Adam broke his arm , and the ER doc was aghast that they as parents allowed it. So they sold it..Adam doesn’t miss least that is what he told me..his arm hurt very much when it broke:(


      1. Yes it had a net Lady Fi and his Dad was present when he fell..he just fell on his arm wrong..a freaky accident. I never did go on it, but the boys used up lots of energy out there every day! 🙂


  6. I am still in my winter clothes too ! after a few days of real warm spring weather we are back to winter !
    What a wonderful “toy” would love to jump in there too !


  7. your email isnt connected to your comments .. so I searched you out to say: Thank you on behalf of Andrew and Ray (as well as their alter egos) … and for taking the time to visit/leave a comment!


  8. Yep, kids at play, the trill of arriving redwing blackbirds and worms on the sidewalk after a rain — all sure signs of Spring.


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