Pink heaven

I had planned to take my big camera into Stockholm to photograph the sakura, or Japanese cherry blossoms,

But the hail and rain meant that the camera stayed dry at home. (All these photos were taken with my iPhone.)

I decided to revel in the pink beauty of the blossoms anyway,

And I’m glad I did.

Blossoms - alley

The blossoms on the north side

Remained curled up in bud


While the flowers were blossoming on the south side,

Looking so fragile and pretty against the rain.


My spirits soared at the sight

Of a dreamy pink canopy weaved

Of dreams and petals.


“In the cherry blossom’s shade,

There is no such thing as a stranger.” — Issa


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Travel light

I hope you travel through the coming year

With light and love in your hearts.

Winter dog and girl

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Moon rising

With such short days, sometimes the dawn

Is a silver coin of moon instead of the sun.


It is the misty blue hour

Of moon rising

When all seems possible


As a heron skims across life’s surface.

It brings to mind a lovely verse written by Rumi:

“Some nights stay up till dawn,
as the moon sometimes does for the sun.
Be a full bucket pulled up the dark way
of a well, then lifted out into light.”

Moonrise - heron

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Making a splash

Please indulge me as I carry on with Oscar’s birthday tribute:

He turned 11 at the weekend, which is a good age for a dog his size.

Whatever he does, he does wholeheartedly —

Birthday boy copy

Seizing the moment

And filling it with joy.

Shake copy

A lesson we could all learn from.


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Making your own pattern

Sometimes in the middle of winter

I like to nourish myself

With the patterns and colours

And silhouettes of vibrant summer.

This shot reminds me that

You don’t always have to go with the flow —

Going against it can also create beauty.

Summery memory

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Musical snow

The past week has been all about music.

(AB1 goes to a music school in Stockholm these days.)

One of the high points is the Lucia concerts that take place in the silence of dawn.

The children enter the church with light and candles and song.

As they sing, their voices soar up to heaven —

And I imagined that each snowflake was a musical note

Spreading a message of  hope, warmth and light.


As the concert ends, the sun has risen;

The winter darkness receded

And for a few moments, there is so much beauty

In that music

That the tears well up and fall.

Life is beautiful

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Talking leaves

It starts as a whisper…

Urging me to go outside and discover the beauty of the day.

I think it’s the leaves talking, don’t you?

Sometimes the September sun is so bright

That you just can’t help posing in its gold;

Other times, the early morning mist

Creates a  soft scarf of wisps,

And as you walk on,

You might discover a tiny universe of dew

Or the grand sight of a heron basking in the first rays of light

Before flying off into the distance —

Leaving you all the richer for having seen his graceful flight.

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Sailing without a wind

One evening, I was out enjoying the pink rippled effect

On the silk of the lake

When a sailboat came into view.

It was a magically, calm evening – not a breath of breeze in the air…

The lesson seemed to be this:

As we set sail across the oceans of our own lives

We have to remember that the strength lies within us

To get to our haven – even when there is no wind to help us on our way.

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Oscar has taught me this:

Live life in the anticipation that

Something wonderful

Is just around the corner.

(Even if it’s just a dip in the local lake…)

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Golden wings


The evening comes


On golden wings.

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