Musical snow

The past week has been all about music.

(AB1 goes to a music school in Stockholm these days.)

One of the high points is the Lucia concerts that take place in the silence of dawn.

The children enter the church with light and candles and song.

As they sing, their voices soar up to heaven —

And I imagined that each snowflake was a musical note

Spreading a message of  hope, warmth and light.


As the concert ends, the sun has risen;

The winter darkness receded

And for a few moments, there is so much beauty

In that music

That the tears well up and fall.

Life is beautiful

For more lovely moments, please visit: Our World.

68 thoughts on “Musical snow

  1. You’ve given us some beautiful words to go with your wonderful pictures. I really like your first image, and the sign in the second says something we should always keep in mind.


  2. I have to agree with Linda, so much horror and sadness in our country at this time that the beauty and peace and love shown in your post for the day is more of a blessing than you could know. Thank you for sharing so much beauty with us! May you and your family have a beautiful, peaceful and very Merry Christmas!!


  3. Life is beautiful, we just tend to forget it sometimes and trudge, head down, about our business. Thank you for the reminders.


  4. oh my thanks so much for sharing this with us….I have read so much about the Lucia concerts….now you have actually shown me a picture…a picture that speaks to me of my heritage. thanks. your blog is a work of art. If blogs were judged like a painting yours would win the prize.


  5. Magical first image and also Oscar is very wise as well as tres handsome Fiona. I wish you a very happy Christmas week, enjoy every precious moment.


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