Making your own pattern

Sometimes in the middle of winter

I like to nourish myself

With the patterns and colours

And silhouettes of vibrant summer.

This shot reminds me that

You don’t always have to go with the flow —

Going against it can also create beauty.

Summery memory

For more vibrant creatures, please visit: Camera Critters.

76 thoughts on “Making your own pattern

  1. You don’t always have to go with the flow –

    Going against it can also create beauty………….I’ll take two t-shirts with this on it, if I was brave and am not , a tattoo even.


  2. Whether going with the flow or against the flow, when you create or capture beauty like this, you’re definitely IN the flow! This is absolutely stunning. (Funny, my next planned SkyWatch Friday post are of summer skies too! But they’re nothing like this.)


  3. Fiona, I shoot in raw, and I am definitely not getting those colors…lol….must be all the white snow here.

    Lovely, like always.



  4. love that photo, makes me spring sick!!! many times if you want to accomplish something good or do what it right you might have to work against the tide of common wisdom (when you know that wisdom is wrong).


  5. My oh my! Stunning sky, superb reflection, and timely capture of the duck. This is such a multi-layered image: reeds in the foreground, water and ripples, land, clouds and sky. Beautifully seen and shot! Kudos.


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