Making a splash

Please indulge me as I carry on with Oscar’s birthday tribute:

He turned 11 at the weekend, which is a good age for a dog his size.

Whatever he does, he does wholeheartedly —

Birthday boy copy

Seizing the moment

And filling it with joy.

Shake copy

A lesson we could all learn from.


For more wet dogs and other tails, please visit: Our World Tuesday.

102 thoughts on “Making a splash

  1. Oh, I just love to see Oscar in your posts! Eleven!! You are very blessed to have him in your life for such a long time. We’ve had two goldens; one lived to age 3 (heart defect) and the other, age 9 (cancer). Beautiful pics!


  2. I think Oscar deserves a daily celebration, so carry on with the birthday fun for as long as you want! 🙂 Love these action shots, great accompaniments to your lovely description of Himself.


  3. Indulge all year, birthdays should last month at the least…..but that’s a bias argument. Good shtuffs -great capture of spirit an soul. These make me laugh, as Elvira is an water dog as well, but dislikes it -bath okay, lakes and ponds NO go. Oh, well all have quarks.


  4. Big birthday hugs to Oscar. He’s a joy to watch, isn’t he? Always out making the most of each and every day. Although I can’t believe he’s still swimming in that freezing water – he must have a really fantastic body warming system!


  5. I could learn a lot from Oscar. He lives in the moment. I think you capture his brave spirit in your photos of him. And the photos show as much about your love for him as they show about Oscar! He’s stunning and he has a splendid life!


  6. I had a dog, Tarri, lived to 17 years, beauty. Liked like yours, I hope that Oscar will live to grand age. Happy birthday Oscar.


  7. 11 is such a good age for Oscar. But to me he looks as if he has a lot of life still left in him. Seeing some of the things he does and some of his mannerisms, he acts so youthfully.


  8. Happy Birthday to a very happy Oscar! What amazing shots your mum took of you, Oscar; and what an agile gentleman you are. Have a wonderful day. From the Hedges and menagerie in Tanzania: Jo, Ginger, Shadow, Ambrose, Jess and Blackie. xxx Purrs xxx


  9. Ready, steady…. Sit! I said Sit….Whilst I get my camera ready for a great shot… Oh, ok Jump in then!!! Great photos and well captured it’s not easy working with animals but your Oscar is obviously a star. My Crazy poodle is used to the routine by now also!
    Wren x


  10. dolce e caro amico dell’uomo, sempre assolutamente fedele. ricevi le mie coccole e mio amore virtuale!!!
    immagini le tue d’amore

    sweet and dear friend of man, always absolutely faithful. receive my pampering and my virtual love!!!
    your images of love
    Thank you


  11. Oh what a beautiful boy! My next post is about wet dog Benny. 🙂 Happy birthday Oscar. Wishing you many more to come.


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