Sailing without a wind

One evening, I was out enjoying the pink rippled effect

On the silk of the lake

When a sailboat came into view.

It was a magically, calm evening – not a breath of breeze in the air…

The lesson seemed to be this:

As we set sail across the oceans of our own lives

We have to remember that the strength lies within us

To get to our haven – even when there is no wind to help us on our way.

For more calm skies, please visit: Skywatch.

83 thoughts on “Sailing without a wind

  1. Just so beautifully serene. Appreciate your words about the the scene. For me it also speaks of our aloneness in life. Yes, we’re altogether in this thing called life, but each alone. Love the image


  2. Hi There, What an awesome photo—and wouldn’t it be great to be out there in that boat????? I’d love it…. Like you said—we need to learn how to get through life even when there’s no wind to help us…. We need to turn on the motors of our lives and move forward!!!!!! BUT—before doing that, we need to enjoy the solitude and quiet of the calm waters around us!!!


  3. Such a gorgeous way to begin or end any day, Fiona, and such wonderful words of wisdom! So very true and we’d all do well to remind ourselves of them — every day!!


  4. Beautiful shots and words. I have been sailing with almost no wind and it can be pleasant especially if it’s not too hot. I used to sail pretty often but haven’t in a long time.


  5. Fi, coming here to this magical place you’ve made always makes me more hopeful about life, the future, and even brings a touch of eternity! Thank you for sharing your marvelous images and words. You make the universe a much more beautiful place.


  6. The lesson you attached to this is perfect! We set sail and expect the sailing to be smooth, and then either we are becalmed and can’t get anywhere on our own, or we are tossed by rough wind and seas…trust in God is what life is about!!! Lovely photos too. Wonderful!


  7. I think I forgot to comment here. I love the boat on the lake and the thought/words are inspiring. Cheers! -Danette


  8. This post is just the right reflection (pun intended) for something I’m struggling with right now. Even without the wind I was hoping for, I can still do the work with the strength and knowledge I carry inside.


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