There’s a crack in everything

The skylight in the clouds reminds me of Leonard Cohen’s words:

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything -
That's how the light gets in.

I’ve had a very busy week with 12-hour days

And it will probably be the same this week,

So I might not get round to visiting you all.

In the meantime, I shall swim in light like the beaver.

Please visit: Our World and Skywatch.

56 thoughts on “There’s a crack in everything

  1. Yes, you’re so right….that photo does remind me of that song!

    And what a GORGEOUS photo it is! I love the reflection 🙂

    No worries, Fiona. I too have been busy training for my new job, so I understand. I was online yesterday for TEN hours training on our new website.

    Have a super Sunday, my friend!


  2. I love that even when you are so busy you manage to post and share beautiful words and photographs. [Helen]


  3. Your dog looks as if he wants to give a kiss through the screen ! Cute ! Yes thererack nothing is normal ! You have to walk on lines and turn when there are arrows, the shops and boutiques are almost empty there is no fun in shopping and when they organize something there is no fun either and only half or not even ! It’s a strange life, sometimes I think I am in a wrong movie !

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  4. The cracks can often be the best part 😉 Fiona it sounds like you are working too hard, take care of yourself 💜 This is a beautiful sky reflection 💙


  5. Those clouds are just gorgeous. Wishing you a good week and hoping it’s not too stressful with those long hours.


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