Do they shine in the dark?

Yesterday, Sir Pe came back all chipper – yet again! – from the dentist’s. He has been to the same dentist for the past twenty years (ever since he came to Sweden from the UK) and for the past nineteen years, he has had a check-up and a clean, but has not needed to have any work done on his teeth! Amazing – perfect dental health for nearly two decades!


It’s just not fair! I seem to need dental work done on mine fairly regularly.

I asked Sir Pe if he has always had good teeth. (Maybe it is genetic, I thought.) But bang went that theory when he told me that he had ‘bad’ teeth as a child, getting his first cavity in a milk tooth (good gracious!) at the tender age of 7. His theory? “Kids don’t learn how to brush their teeth properly in England.”

Mmm.. there might be something in that as it seems to be fairly common for kids to get holes in their teeth in the UK. On the other hand, it is quite common to meet people in their 20s in Sweden, who have never had a filling in their entire lives! (I’m envious!) I put it down to the dentists here in Sweden: they quiz kids on who brushes their teeth and give parents a telling off if they let their kids brush their teeth themselves.

They also promote the tradition of only eating sweets on a Saturday – as it is better to eat sweets all at once on a certain day of the week than eating them every day…

I wish I had met a nice Swedish dentist when I was a kid. Instead, I suffered at the hands of the mad butcher of Argentina (where I spent four years of my childhood). In the late 60s, it was a common dental philosophy to put fillings in every tooth -even healthy ones! – as they thought that this was a good way to protect against cavities. Er… right?!


Yes – I am blessed with a husband that has dazzling teeth and who can sew.

Now – if only he could cook too…


By the way, here comes a joke:

What did the dentist see at the North Pole?

Answer: ……………….

(Aha! Leave me your answer in the comments! Or come back here tomorrow to find out… Yes – I know: the suspense is too much!)

14 thoughts on “Do they shine in the dark?

  1. I was once told by someone that all the lime in the water in the UK contributes to bad teeth. What do you think?

    I have never had anything done to my teeth. I have never had a filling TOUCH LOADS OF WOOD!

    But I am lucky because my parents couldn’t really afford to take me to a dentist in SA, seeing as they are all private there.


  2. “Molar bears” hahahahaha that is funny!
    Lime in the water will contribute to a wear on your enamel. We advise people who eat lemons to stop. it is the acid in the citrus, it causes the enamel to breakdown. I work for a dentist here in the states. Your hubby does have a beautiful grill! I bet yo do too. I will need a picture asap! Oh I am sorry yo had a bad expierence as a child! I hate those stories. Come see me I will take very good care of you!(wink)


  3. I am a “tooth woman”…. always look at a guy’s teeth first! :o) so, Lady Fi, you “done good” when you picked Sir Pe!


  4. Ugh! I live in fear of the dentist – I had to have a dental implant two years ago , which first required an extraction and a bone graft in my jaw. Plus I had to start my new job minus one tooth, and Mr. Geek kept calling me “Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel.” I tried to make fun of him for having too many teeth, but he said my perspective was skewed.


  5. Okay, this is going to sound gross. My dear hubby hates brushing his teeth…so he doesn’t – well, not very often anyways. And he has a bad habit of grinding in his sleep too…but he doesn’t have a bad breath and you can’t see that he is Mr Sloppy when it comes to tooth brushing.

    He goes to the dentist for every year, and he never ever has a hole…

    Me on the other hand, is a tooth brushing maniac. I hate that after every meal my teeth don’t feel super clean anymore and are feeling kind of furry…so I brush my teeth at least three times a day…

    Last time I had my check up I had seven holes and one root canal…

    Where is the justice in that?????

    Oh, and my hubby is completely useless when it comes to most things, so I kinda envy you there Fi ;o)


  6. I bet they do shine in the dark! And what a dazzling smile it is! Some people are just tooth lucky! I think it must have a lot to do with how you brush, and if your teeth have deep ridges in them. My hygenist said I should try brushing with a dry brush first, YUK..then a wet one, said it might help with the placque. I brushed my kids teeth until they were about 7 or 8. 🙂


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