53 thoughts on “Postcards from June

  1. Hello, love all the green trees and views. The bee and flower photo is beautiful, lovely capture. Thanks for hosting Our World! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!


  2. “And peonies act as bee magnets.

    Can you see the second bee zooming in for a bite to eat?”

    HA! Yes, I can! That is so cool! I love peonies, but I had no idea they were bee magnets.

    Gorgeous images, my friend! And as always, thank you for sharing the beauty! 🙂


  3. Where I work is a sweet mother and grandmother whose husband is of Sweden heritage. He could sing, preach, was a leader and teacher. Sounds like the country resemble it’s patrons.


  4. June in Sweden looks awesome…. Our “lush and green” time happens earlier here than there. Our Spring tries to begin (some years) in March –but the overall best month for the new greenery all around (I call it new life) is usually April and sometimes May.

    Beautiful Peony –and glad the bees love it!!!



  5. Fi, I’m glad you are surrounded by green beauty. I just bought some peppermint essential oil which I read is supposed to repel insects. We’ll see…


    1. I use an organic, all natural spray from Eco by Sonya – developed and
      tested in Australia and it works! Has lemon eucalyptus and citronella in it.


  6. Mosquitoes are such a pain! They seem to love me! Beautifully scenic area. I love nature for relaxing. You can tell by my blog posts! Thanks for sharing.


  7. Yeah I can see the bumble bee coming in for a landing now that you mention it. Today I remembered to tuck the bottom of my jeans in my socsk and was liberal with the bug spray and still, just after 5 am, the mosquitoes were all up in my face.


  8. June in Japan is lush and green, too, plus muggy. Each rain of the rainy season makes greens deeper. The hidden path looks inviting to the green world. I’d walk with mosquitoes repellent.

    Yoko alias stardust


    1. Not DEET as it poisons people and nature. But there is some pretty good
      organic, natural stuff out on the market and I’ve found one developed in
      Australia that works.


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