58 thoughts on “On fire

  1. Oh wow! What a gorgeous sky. It looks as if on fire. Happy Summer to you! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!


  2. I hope it is just the sky on fire – unlike the dreadful conditions we experienced the summer just gone. Fire in the sky is beautiful – on the land it is terrifying and destructive.


    1. Well, it’s set to be over 30 C which is very hot for us in the North. Our houses are built to keep in the warmth, so it feels even hotter.


      1. But, of-course it did!
        I guess I was half-asleep when I read this post! LOL
        Guess all I saw was the beautiful photos!


  3. GORGEOUS sky, Fiona! It most certain does look like it’s on fire.

    We’ve been having the same weather here. It was just beautiful last week, almost like Spring. However, yesterday the temperature went up, and so did the humidity. 😦 Last night I finally had to use my air conditioner.

    Have a fabulous week, my friend! 🙂


  4. We’ve had a few skies like that one, but not near so pretty. We have not escapted the rain. This week, rain is every day. Have a good one.


  5. Totally awesome! I hope you are able to enjoy the remainder of your summer without grass fires. {Helen]


  6. Stupendous and love, love, love the silhouette. It’s gotten a little chilly with lots of rain the last few days, I even huddled the porch plants together last night and was thinking about throwing a tarp over them. But I love the cooler weather, wouldn’t do well at all with what you’re having.


  7. Ja tänk vilken midsommarhelg! Det hör verkligen inte till vanligheten att vi har högsommar. Ljuvligt och underbart var det verkligen 🙂


  8. Reminds me of the song we used to sing at school: liar, liar pants (or sky!) on fire – wonderful sunset, enjoy your hottest summer ever 🙂


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