57 thoughts on “Towards the horizon

  1. Fiona, I bet you can’t wait for that nice month-long holiday! And much deserved, my friend!

    GORGEOUS capture! Love the hot air balloon against the golden sky. Bellissima!

    Have a great week! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hello,
    Hang in there, a week can go by quickly. enjoy your month off…What a beautiful photo, love the sky/balloon scene and your dog. Enjoy your day, have a great new week!!


  3. Hope you have many opportunities to capture more of that amazing beauty,once you are on holidays.


  4. A month off! Wonderful. Enjoy!! (When I was as young as you are and still worked I got three weeks vacation at a time and that was more than most people. We are a backwards country!)

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  5. Gorgeous picture… Love the colors!

    I seem to be busier now that I don’t work fulltime…. BUT–maybe it’s because I’m getting older –and having to slow down… ha ha

    Hope you enjoy your month off…


  6. Lady Fi – hang in there! I remember those days, before I retired. Push, push, push – and then RELAX. And then I would get sick, as the lurking bugs would attack. Sorry – not wishing that on you! Lovely, lovely photo!


  7. You can do it. Take a deep breathe. Watch the sunset to refresh and relax. The week will pass before you know it. Happy holidays. [Helen]

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  8. When I was young, we would have to work a year before we could get a week off work. Then after a time we would get two weeks off. Then it seemed like more than 15 years working we would get 3 weeks off. Finally, we earned a whole month off work. Nowadays, I’m not sure what the rules are anymore. I am retired so I don’t know what day, week or month it is. LOL. I hope you have many opportunities to enjoy your time off from work.


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