Postcards from February

February continues wet and cold…

It consists of canine portraits —

With Ruby posing

And Simmie running around or chewing on sticks.

In Stockholm, the spring flowers

Are out already — a month early!

For more postcards, please visit: Our World.

47 thoughts on “Postcards from February

  1. Hello,

    Ruby and Simmie are both so cute! They pose so nicely too. Love the flowers. Thanks for hosting. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!


  2. Stockholm has those yellow flowers already, no fair, it’s supposed to be colder there than here. We’ve had a few spring like days though, enough to confuse the birds who seem to be migrating back north early. Love the composition of Ruby and Simmie. Ruby is a climber, isn’t she?


  3. I think the first post I saw of yours was of an igloo your kids were playing in. This seems so strange for winter photos from you! But I always enjoy seeing your beautiful puppies and the scenery is still awesome.


  4. It is disconcerting how this Winter is going, but I’m loving it. We’ve only had snow dustings vs usually drifts piled higher than me. But, I’m so hoping the other shoe doesn’t drop in March and we do get a bad, bitter Winter weather. Fingers crossed it just skips where I live in Ohio…I could so use that this season. Love seeing the flowers.


  5. Floral harbinger of spring, Ume, are two weeks earlier here. Ruby and Simmie look free and comfortable regardless of the weather.



  6. Stunning portraits, Fiona! Ruby and Simmie look like red-hair supermodels! 🙂

    Love that shot of the tombstones, they’re beautiful.

    ” the spring flowers

    Are out already — a month early!”

    Same here. I was in NYC yesterday and noticed that some of the flowers had started to blossom in Central Park!?

    Have a lovely week, my friend!


  7. Underbara bilder från vår märkliga vinter… Och nu är det ju tydligen vår redan 😉 ? Åtminstone meteorologisk vår. Fast när man tittar ut idag känns det inte så vårlikt… Snön yr utanför fönstret.


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