75 thoughts on “Pumpkin spice

  1. Spring and fall are marked by honking geese flapping across the sky. They went through quite a while ago up here. Smart. Cold early. (6 degrees F when I woke up today or -14.4 C) Beautiful pictures. 🙂

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  2. “They look like musical notes stretched across the early evening sky.”

    🙂 Yes….that’s exactly what they look like! I so love the way you use words between each of your photographs.

    STUNNING images! The colors are AWESOME!

    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of this season, my friend! And have a fantastic weekend!

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  3. Funny— I saw three large groups of them in the sky this morning. We have a large compliment to winter here. I’d go farther south, myself. These pictures are lovely!

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  4. A lovely sky to provide a colorful backdrop for the flying geese. We see lots of geese in the sky at this time of year. Some may be heading south to find warmer weather, but many stay around all winter as the winters seem to be getting milder. They are beautiful creatures…. but very messy!

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  5. ‘Play me that old song once more’ and ‘as colours dance on the old living room floor’ – lines from a folk song titled ‘Renaissance’. A song which equates Autumn with getting on in years, remembering back and contentment as one ages. In art, be it photography or whatever there is always more meaning. Thanks for images, they taste like warm tea.

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  6. So much to learn. Its really commendable to relate it to musical notes. You are such a nature loving keen observer with a poetic mind. Not only do the birds create the right aura of a musical evening but also portray the power of integrity. Musical notes played alone sound monotonic but when they bond, they create a magical music that brings a sense of awe and admiration in all. Tell me, how many of you would have praised the shots had there been just some birds strewn in the sky? Only because they were together, were they able to create a musical evening in the sun-setting orange sky and we thank Lady Fi for letting us enjoy such an angelic view.

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  7. The lilac and orange tones of these pictures are sumptuous. If I didn’t know better, I would think I could reach out with a spoon and eat the sorbet sky.


  8. Its funny to think that my brother in NW England could be watching those same geese soon. Great pictures.

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne


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