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Tequila sunrise with a twist of fog

The sunrise starts off

In lilac tones,


But soon it turns

Into a blushing dawn

Purple ice.jpg

With bursts of orange

And fog.

Sunrise fog.jpg

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Orange beauty

There’s nothing better

Than strolling along the beach

Orange sun 1

And drinking in the heady beauty

Of a fierce orange sunset,

Sun setting 2

While the pink balloon of the disappearing sun

Turns waves into silk.


All photos taken while on holiday in Baleal, Portugal, this summer.

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The ripple effect

When we look at ourselves in the universe,

We are but a small and humble part of the whole.

Wide skies

But each move and turn we make

Creates its own beautiful pattern

Duck 1

And tiny ripples of kindness or wonder

Can be passed onto others to enjoy.


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Bee-autiful winged spring

May started off with a snowstorm —

But before that, spring had managed

To explode in glowing cups of beauty.

Orange burst tulip copy

Wild tulips sprouted

Paper thin wings of petals


That matched the lovely

Wings of bees enjoying the flowers.

Wings and hyacinth copy

And on a still day, if you stand quietly beneath this tree,

You can hear it humming

With the happy buzzing of bees among blooms.

Humming tree

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The many shades of cold

Since we’ve had fresh snow and sinking temperatures —

Down to minus 19 C this week —

I am inspired to show you the colours of cold.

Cold fog

Sometimes the cold is a golden fog,

Sometimes an intense orange framed by trees.

Freezing orange fog copy

When the dawn is really cold,

The fingers of the sun paint the treetops

With frosted red.

Cold and orange

My favourite winter colour

Has to be the diamond carpet of snow

Topped off by dazzling blue skies and sun —

It’s moments like these that lift my spirits.

Blue skies and Oscar

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Summer memories

Summer memories (from last year) —

Are made up of beauty like this.

How can you feel anything but humbled and grateful?

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Frosted heron

Frosted boats in the early morning light.

A heron bows to the beauty of a crisp early morning

Before flying off

And lending its own poetry to the sky.

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When Orange met Purple

When November startles you

With an orange sunburst in one direction —

And a graceful double moon

Admiring her purple beauty in the opposite direction,

Then all you have to do is wait

Until Nature combines the two colours in a final sunset flare

To create a masterpiece.

(And yes, that’s the indomitable Oscar swimming again!)

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S is for Summer…

… S is for the social butterflies that gather by the lake.

(Look to the left of the photo – I love the joy of that man laughing.)

… For the serenity of another dazzling sunset.

… And for skipping stones in pajamas on a warm summer night.

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A slice of heaven

If I were to cut open the pie of heaven

And serve myself a slice

It would be a glorious golden canopy

Served with a dollop of dog, laughter and kids.

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I’m away at the rented summer cottage (or just relaxing at home) and playing with the anklebiters and my niece and Oscar and just enjoying life, so I’m posting a little less. Only two more weeks of summer holiday – so have got to make the most of it!

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