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Those fly-away skies

As the sun rises,

The glorious trees glow in the light.

Distance 1.jpg

Geese call to each other;

Their reflections dot the water.

Distance 2.jpg

Peaceful skies return when they disappear.

It’s hard for the sky to compete with autumn

At this time of year.


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Pumpkin spice

The geese call out; they are leaving.

They look like musical notes stretched across the early evening sky.


Lilac tones

Turn into a dazzling orange sonata.


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From the jetty

The view from our jetty

Is sometimes alive with colour and mist and geese.


Sometimes, it offers minimalism

And quiet contemplation.

Bird at dawn

One of my favourite moments

Is when the mist leaches the world of colour

And flings me right into the middle

Of a Chinese silk painting.


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Chasing planes

My daughter and I were enjoying a beautiful sunset together a few days ago —

And she was practising using my ‘big’ camera

When we suddenly saw a floating line of geese.


They seemed to be chasing an airplane.


The geese flew away over the trees

And the plane flew right on up to infinity.

Photos by my talented daughter; editing by me = Teamwork!

to infinity

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The magic of morning

Sometimes, early morning

Is a magical place —


Where it feels as if

Dreams can come true


Right there on the edge

Of the first apricot blush of dawn.


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The winged sky

We’ve had some deliciously foggy October mornings

That part to reveal unexpected pleasures.

The geese honk their farewells loudly

As they sail above me in the mist.

My spirits rise up

And I let my worries float away on the winged sky.

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Oh – those dizzy birds!

They rose in formation

And took off like sleek feathered jet planes.

Round and round they flew –

Not sure if they were coming or going.

(Don’t we all have days like that?)

After a while, they landed

Feeling a little wobbly on their feet.

But ready to try again another day.

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Bird brains

They gathered in a gaggle

Laughing and honking and flapping.

Time for their early morning beauty routine.

Preening in the mirrored lake

They seem to say that they know beauty is only feather deep,

But let them enjoy their time in the sun.

Oh – and next time you find yourself on a wild goose chase,

Just remember – that’s what wild geese are for!

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Signs of autumn

I fell in love with the geese. (See my last post.) Those geese that were getting ready to leave us with autumn and fly to warmer climes.

They flew across the sky in battle formation.

They dive bombed into the cooling water one last time.

And then, then they were off – high up into the sky,

Into the sea made of clouds.

And I, I was left with sorrow at their going

And thankfulness for their beauty.

Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn’t people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them? — Rose Kennedy

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August’s last song

It started with a lone bird

Out there in tangled clouds of lilac.

A sense of melancholy was shared by myself

And my daughter.

Was this really the last evening of summer?

The lone bird’s cry was

Taken up by others

So that soon they sounded like the honking of laughing clowns.

Before leaving, they flew into formation

Spread out neatly behind a forest of sails

As if to draw the eye to the light on the horizon

And the hope of another season.

(Click the photos to enlarge.)

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