Autumn critters

I love the soft, misty feel of autumn —

Especially when a deer family decides to rest in the fields as I take my photo!


The temperatures are still quite mild

And Simmie loves nothing more than swimming in the lake.

This is his face when I ask him to come out. (That’s right – he doesn’t want to!)


As for Ruby,

She is content just catching leaves.


For more autumn shots, please go to: Our World.

70 thoughts on “Autumn critters

  1. AH—I love Autumn and your ‘critters’ do also I’ll bet. Love the picture of the leaf on the doggie’s face…. NEAT.



  2. Great photo of the autumn color and your dogs are beautiful and seem to be enjoying the good weather and surroundings. Thanks for sharing.


  3. “I love the soft, misty feel of autumn —”

    I do too, Fiona, which is why Autumn is my very favorite season!

    LOVE the photo of the deer!!! And that last one of Ruby is sooooooooooo adorable! Great capture!

    Happy October/Autumn, my friend!


  4. I know that look! 🙂 My dog makes the same expression, when he doesn’t want to do something. 🙂
    Lovely landscape, and what a great moment with Ruby!
    Have a nice day!


  5. She has a nose for colour that is for sure. Autumn seems so far away here, as it is crazy crazy warm. Though we have had some frost at night, we have also had many days with the temperature rising into the mid 30 degrees Celsius. Which leads me to speculate we will be robbed of intense fall colours of the last few years.


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