Nature is a masterpiece

I slowly make my way down to the lake,

Hoping to see autumn miracles.


The early morning is moody and mysterious,

Yet I glimpse masterpieces of autumn

In the gloomy light.


As it gets brighter, the peaceful grey sky

Makes the colours of leaves and fur pop.


The dogs chase one another,

Oblivious of the copper and gold around them.

The chase.jpg

When I get back to the boat that you see in the second photo,

The sun shines — leaving me with the beautiful taste

Of lemon glaze on water.

Lemon blaze.jpg

For more amazing colours, please go to: Our World.


92 thoughts on “Nature is a masterpiece

  1. This why Autumn is my favorite season, and your STUNNING photographs are why. OMG…this images took my breath away, Fiona! Love each and everyone, but the second one down is my favorite. The lighting in that photograph is incredible!

    *applause and cheers*

    Well done, my friend. Well done!

    Have a lovely week!


  2. I’ve been seeing a lot of those colorful reflections annually, year in-year out! The amazing thing is everytime i see one, it seems like my first time to see something like it! hahaha


  3. Lovely post! Please check out my first blog! Please follow me and comment ideas for my ‘nature and animal’ based daily fact… animal of the week… all round blog 🙂


  4. These are beautiful photos and words. I love how you used the words “mysterious” and “moody” which are not commonly used to describe the early morning. It brings more life to the moment, and makes us feel connected to nature. It is an amazing feeling, thank you.


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