Upside down sky

I’m living in a beautiful world

Where autumn leaves and skies are reflected

On mirror surfaces of the lake;


Where the sky

Is upside down in beautiful reflections;


Where trees

Are luminous in the water;


And where dogs

Swim in clouds.


For more autumn beauty, please visit: Skywatch.

93 thoughts on “Upside down sky

  1. Wow… this is more than gorgeous; it is heavenly… a wonder of nature captured so superb, a delight for eyes and soul to see such beauty of autumn mix of colors!! I stopped to admire once more time as always so gladly. Many thanks for sharing the joy of autumn reflected… Best regards and a good weekedn!


  2. Perfectly lovely – the mirror reflections, the swimming dog in the sky, and he shimmering colored leaves in the water. By chance, part of my new post is related to “upside-down”.


  3. I don’t mind upside down clouds! My favorite is your last image:) Thanks for your weekly comments, Fiona! Lately I lag, because of painting – hope you forgive me:)


  4. You most certainly do live in a beautiful world, Fiona, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing it with all of us here. These refection photographs are absolutely stunning!

    *applause and cheers*

    Love all of these, but that final image is my favorite. You are so talented, my friend!

    Have a lovely weekend!


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