Pink petal profusion

One of the highlights of spring is enjoying the sakura

Or Japanese cherry blossoms in the centre of Stockholm.

Fallen petal carpet.jpg

The sakura speak to us of

What is possible


And of petalled beauty

That lasts only a short time,

Petal profusion.jpg

Blooming without holding back

Pretty in pink.jpg

And reminding us that life is like the sakura:

Fleeting, fragile, fabulous.

PInks copy.jpg

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112 thoughts on “Pink petal profusion

  1. I love the photos and your adjectives to which I’ll add GLORIOUS. I love too how you spread joy with that camera lens of yours and your sharp eye.


  2. The Sakura? I have never heard of it and it is my loss. This is one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. I learned something today because of you, thank you.


  3. I remember when I was living in Stockholm, that that was my favorite time of the year, especially after a loong cold and dark winter. thanks for sharing! I miss Stockholm a lot, your pictures bring me closer to that wonderful city! great pictures!


  4. Saw the title of your post whilst visiting Bob’s blog, and as it had pink in the title (my favourite colour) I just had to come and visit.

    Such lovely photo’s, what a joy to look. The blossom is just lovely.

    All the best Jan


  5. Wow! Such beautiful photos! I never knew there were so many shades of pink. It reminds me of summer in England when there are so many shades of green.


  6. Oh my God, that is so marvelously spectacular! Why didn’t i see that in Stockholm when we were there in spring? Our training coordinators should have brought us there!


  7. These trees are so beautiful ! In Waterloo in all streets they have planted the Japanese cherry tree years ago and it looks so beautiful, unfortunately not for long, it’s already over now !


  8. Completely stunning? We have jacaranda trees blooming everywhere. They look amazing but it is nothing compared to what you have presented in here.


  9. This is really overwhelming!
    Wonderful to be able to walk under the hedge of pink blossoms. Really beautiful!Kind regards, Helma


  10. Before seeing your spectacular photos I had no idea Stockholm had such a display of cherry tree blossoms – to me they were associated with Japan. Now I know when to time my visit when I come to Sweden!

    Now I’m off to look at your photos again – they’re enchanting.


  11. Fiona, these photographs took my breath away! OMG…the color you captured is amazing! Pink happens to be one of my favorite colors; therefore I was in awe! Don’t you just love cherry blossom trees? And my favorite thing about them is when the petals fall from the branches, making the ground look as though it’s covered with pink confetti!

    Have a beautiful weekend, my friend!


  12. Underbart jag var också där och fotade dom men kom lite försent så det var lite glest..
    Men dina är verkligen fina.. Ha en underbar helg.. Kram Nicki


  13. Wonderful sight in Stockholm! I have only one Japanese Cherryblossom tree. Every year I enjoy its pink blossom. Like you I have taken photos. every year.
    Thank you for your comment. I cannot imagine how life in a palace is. I think I prefer the gardener’s house and the same palace garden around it.
    I wish you a great week!
    Wil, ABCW team.


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