Winter has been so brief this year…

Just like life, the ice crystals

Created art for only a short while.

Icy metal copy

Metal poles on the jetty

Became abstract things of beauty.

Abstract ice

Ice turned trees

Into silver tapestries.


And at the foot of the ladder on the jetty —

A heart of ice

Warmed the day.


For more n-ice stories, please visit: Our World Tuesday.

102 thoughts on “Abstracted

  1. Here, winter has felt, looked, tasted and stung very much like winters of old or from childhood. Probably the closest I’ve seen in over 15 years. I hope it is a trend, though I fear it is a blip. I guess we’re the one who see’s the changes and notices the affects on this and that, then pines for the past -that is a luxury us not always for the natural elements -they just have to roll with.

    Good shtufffs for the eyes to feast upon, thank you.


  2. I think winter might still arrive, it would be good to have cold and dry here in the UK . I am sure you know we are suffering due to excessive rain!


  3. Gorgeous photos! In northern California, we’ve been in a serious drought. No rain this year at all until last Saturday! It rained all weekend and I was so glad to see it! Of course, we need a lot more but at least it’s a beginning!


  4. Beautiful photos Fi, the first one especially so. I love the silver trees too. Our winter has been so mild that I’ve not yet unpacked my hats and scarves.


  5. Dearest LadyFi;
    Wow; GORGEOUS pictures of winter☆☆☆ We had only a couple of snow fall days; but still cold p;)
    Wishing you a lovely week ahead. Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


  6. Fiona,
    I really enjoy your regular and beautiful photos. I am in love with a dog that I have never met and whilst sweating during our hot and lovely summer, I long to experience the Swedish winter and your lake! More so, I really enjoy your descriptive and brilliant text that accompanies it.
    Big hug,


  7. We haven’t had any winter days, but I prefer this wet Dutch climate to the heat of an Australian summer.! My next trip to Australia will be in June, July or August.
    Thanks for your poetical post!
    Wil, ABCW Team.


  8. You are so much more brave than I am, this winter!! And you have the art to prove it! My dogs have both decided they are too old to go for walks in this weather, so I am staying indoors with them. I really should get outside and see the winter up close…


  9. Nature’s beauty is all around and how lucky we are to have you to see it first and then capture it to share with us. Phew, that was a long sentence, but you know what I’m trying to say. Just beautiful.


  10. I still think winter made a wrong turn heading to your place and is enjoying the coffee and donuts here. More snow and cold this week.

    Thanks for sharing your version of the silver tapestries–reminds me of calm.


  11. Hello, I came over from Inger’s posting about a reindeer stampede in which she was caught at the age of 10 or 11. She said that your blog had gorgeous photographs of Sweden and insightful words. And I see she spoke the truth. Peace.


  12. questo breve inverno ha lasciato comunque molta bellezza in te, nello sguardo di cristallo che gli hai rivolto con le tue magnifiche foto
    bellissimo l’incipit con la frase di Mandela

    This brief winter has left however much beauty in you, in Crystal look that you made with your magnificent photos
    beautiful the beginning with the phrase of Mandela


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