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Icy sun

When you get up close,

Humble objects can transform.


Is it a sunflower perhaps with icy petals?

Or a frozen sun

Glowing next to the physical one?

Two suns.jpg

Even when the object is itself —

A screw with ice crystals —

It still retains its humble beauty.


(I’ve still got some crazy deadlines to meet, so will only be posting once this week.)

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Autumn is leave-ing

November is a grey month, so you have to look hard for colour.

I found it here

In a red leaf with rain in the background.

Rain copy

A flash of gold

Reminds me that we have to hang on

And have hope at this time of year.

Lone leaf

In the right light,

Even an ageing leaf

Can look like a stained glass window.

Hanging on copy

“Don’t leaf me!” Ruby seems to be saying,

As we wave farewell to autumn.

Don't leaf me

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Winter has been so brief this year…

Just like life, the ice crystals

Created art for only a short while.

Icy metal copy

Metal poles on the jetty

Became abstract things of beauty.

Abstract ice

Ice turned trees

Into silver tapestries.


And at the foot of the ladder on the jetty —

A heart of ice

Warmed the day.


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Symphony of black and white and dog

At last – winter has made its grand entrance with several days of blizzards,

Leaving the crooked jetty an abstract canvas.


The ladder at the end of the jetty

Now has two handles of ice,

Icy ladder

Each handle transformed

Into a tiny landscape of ice crystals.

Iced copy

The supporting pole

Is encased in an icy boot.

Iced over

And who make those dog prints out there on the lake?

These two friends, of course!

(I call this shot Love in a Cold Climate.)


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Ballet shoes

Autumn skies:

Sometimes, pumpkin-coloured;

Sometimes, grey.

Acting as a delicate background for long elegant leaves in high heels.

And when the sun shines,

Only delicate ballet shoes remain —

A reminder that renewal can be found in endings.

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The warmth of early October brought out the bees.


(even with hairy legs),


With fragile wings sitting atop a throne of flowers,

And bee-draggled in the rain,

But still clinging onto the petal, onto life

Like a gorgeous jewel.

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Butterflies of joy

Beautiful butterfly

Shining like mother of pearl

A painting of fleeting delicacy

Poised to fly to freedom

Through the silver rain —

Reminding me that joy comes when you least expect it

And that transformation can lead to great beauty.

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Sadly, My World is not continuing but I’d like to continue documenting the small unseen miracles of life here anyway. Rest in peace Klaus Peter.

Summer rain

Summer is here in all its glory.

And that, of course, includes the soft summer rain

Bringing a chill with it that makes us appreciate the sun even more.

Just as a flower is thankful for the rain,

So am I thankful for all the small beauties that surround me.

Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf.
– Rabindranath Tagore

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Snow motion

May is a month full of the fragrance of budding flowers, the chirping of birds…

And of surprises.

Big, fat snowflakes fell last week

As softly as the petals of cherry blossoms.

They twirled and danced in snow motion for several hours.

Later on, the snow melted

Leaving the lips of flowers dew-kissed

And trembling on the tips of brave buds

Bid farewell to winter and ushered in the glory that is spring.

(Perhaps I can finally put away my winter jacket…)

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All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.


As many of you know, my world is submerged under white snowstorm skies and a warm blanket of snow at this time of year.

The trick to enjoying a long winter is to capture its treasures.

Bedazzling diamonds glinting in the sun,

Winter twins wearing their diamond tiaras

And there – a miracle!

A ruby jewel lighting up my world.

The latest disaster in Japan shows us that life really is a miracle.

(Healing thoughts go out to all affected in the affected areas.)

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