109 thoughts on “Lavender skies

  1. I think the later does more for me then light an colourful sky. Being free an loose appeals to me more of late. Perhaps the lack of sunshine, nothing but thick grey. The weather is taking its toll on my internal eternal thirst to escape, I think.. That said I understand what you mean as well. Mixed emotions. As much as want to be free to enjoy the splendor…………….oh well, spring comes along sooner than later.


  2. I think of you are the lavender girl!!!! Your lavender tones/photos –including your blog itself— are fantastic… Love them!!!!!! As I’ve said, those dogs love the snow…. I do too!!!


  3. Gorgeous skies and amazing colors!! Terrific captures as always — and as always, Oscar looks so happy in the snow!! Hope both of you have a lovely weekend! Stay warm and enjoy!


  4. Unbelievable colours. Pity the dogs can’t see them, but they probably would only overdose on joy and exuberance if they had to add them to the experience of running on the lake.


  5. Oh my … it’s still a wonderful winter world overthere! I’m starting to get jealous meanwhile …
    The light in your photos is stunning again.
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend, Lady Fi.


  6. Lovely, and the dogs look as though they thoroughly enjoyed themselves! The one photo looks as though a UFO (or Starship) was beaming someone or something up!!


  7. You find beauty in everything around you. Like a starving artist. You feast on each little and grand thing nature provides for your eyes. And then you find the perfect descriptive words to take us just that much father on the dream. thanks for sharing your dreams and sharing the dogs.


  8. those lavender skys are certainly gorgeous – like heaven shining down in all it’s glory. Oh to walk beneath those skys and play in the snow with gay abandon. Have a wonderful week, and thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday. Always wonderful to visit you.


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