Golden views

All bundled up for a wintry walk.

The sighing of the setting sun

Paints the trees with gold.

Golden copy

A lone skater – on thin ice – whizzes by,

Lone skater

His singing skates echoed

By the honking farewells of the last swans of winter.


For more golden thoughts, please visit: Skywatch.

109 thoughts on “Golden views

  1. Your words touch me as much as your gorgeous photos. It is rare, a poet and a photographer. “The sighing of the setting sun,” you know, I watch the sun set behind the mountains almost every night, and your words perfectly capture that moment i time, the sun sighs as it sets, after a long day and a job well done.


  2. Dearest Lady Fi;
    What magnificent pictures they are☆☆☆ My favorite is the last pic and loved the caption as well.
    ps> how great to hear you could hae a job you love.

    Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


  3. The golden light softly adds a warmth to the otherwise cold wintry images. The first two shots are definitely my favorites, but how marvelous to catch birds in flight across the sky.


  4. Oh Fiona these are glorious shots! That first photo is just breathtaking – the warm colours belying the icy chill that I know is there. What a brave skater to try out the ice already – or maybe he’s been waiting and waiting for this chance all winter.


  5. Your words echo the scene beautifully. A scene like this feels like a little miracle, doesn’t it? You only need one sight like this a day to keep happiness flowing through your body and soul…


  6. Fi this is achingly beautiful……the setting sun whispering across the ice….I can feel the peace sinking into me through your words and photos.
    Love the shot of the departing swans….all in such beautiful light.


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