Symphony of black and white and dog

At last – winter has made its grand entrance with several days of blizzards,

Leaving the crooked jetty an abstract canvas.


The ladder at the end of the jetty

Now has two handles of ice,

Icy ladder

Each handle transformed

Into a tiny landscape of ice crystals.

Iced copy

The supporting pole

Is encased in an icy boot.

Iced over

And who make those dog prints out there on the lake?

These two friends, of course!

(I call this shot Love in a Cold Climate.)


For more symphonies, please visit: Our World Tuesday.

100 thoughts on “Symphony of black and white and dog

  1. OH–I’m SO jealous! Today is Jan 20—and we have had LESS snow (BUT colder temperatures) than we’ve had since George and I moved here in 2002…. I miss the snow —but don’t like the frigid temperatures… Oh Well… I’ll just visit YOU… ha ha



  2. Thank you for sharing this orgeous symphony. I don’t know of anyone who can make winter look as beautiful and serene as you do. I like your
    romance’ picture as well.


  3. It’s so incredible to be able to experience that jetty during the various seasons. You can’t believe it’s the same place.


  4. Your photos are so excellent & I really enjoyed viewing your blog … I call such moments you captured in images – God Moments – because it really speaks of God’s wonders & creations. Plus, it takes a true gift & talent to bring it out of that one moment for all of us to enjoy. Thank you so much! Are your images on Google+ ?


  5. Such lovely pictures of the snow, especially the crystals. Your two dogs look pretty happy despite the coldness they must feel on the pads of their feet!


  6. Oh, it does look SO cold!! The doggies look as though they’re about to have a time — in spite of the snow!! Love your snowy, crystal pics! Have a great week! Stay warm!


  7. I just love how the dogs have put their mark on their little corner of the world.

    As usual, you’ve surpassed yourself with this frosty beauty. You have an uncanny the ability to just look, really look and drink in the sight of what you see. To notice the small things, to notice how they fit into the big things and to absorb the continuity of all things together. Really remarkable.


  8. I like your reference to love in a cold climate, it was quite a sierras. Now if you could just get some low sun on all that ice and snow, the ground would be covered with stars.


  9. Beautiful – I bet the dogs love the snow (I know my stepdaughter’s golden retriever loves running around in the snow on our land).


  10. Fantastic photos! Cold, but fantastic…
    Those pooches look so cute standing right next to each other, like they are thinking about the same thing.


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