Under home skies

I might not live anywhere special —

My little house is in a row

Behind the houses you see on the left.

But we do have a great location

Right by the lake.

Silver trees

And when the sun shines through

Magical frosted trees,

The skies — and all underneath them — suddenly seem so very lovely.

Trees - SOC

I’m so used to living here

That it was only when I walked out onto the iced over lake

And looked back

That I realized how very lucky I really am.

Like most things in life, a new perspective

Can promote appreciation and joy.

Snowy trees by lake

For other perspectives, please visit: Skywatch.

86 thoughts on “Under home skies

  1. WAU – hvor nogle flotte billeder du viser…..håber at du kan forstå dansk…..eller er det her på engelsk:
    WAU – where some great pictures you show ….. hope you can understand Danish ….. or is it here in English.
    Hanne Bente


  2. Oh, I think your house seem to be special and the location is superb.;) Beautiful captures of late winter, one can sense there is a shift in the light.;)


  3. So much breathtaking beauty and so perfectly captured! Thank you, too, for your wise and beautiful thoughts — worthwhile for us all to remember! Have a wonderful weekend and give Oscar a pat for Sam and I!


  4. The Lake is pure magic… and as for your house, the realtors saying is “Location location location”…although I think you’d make anywhere you lived a special place. Walking on a frozen lake is definitely an experience not in my wheelhouse!


  5. Lady Fi, you live in a beautiful place, the neighborhood with the lake is great. It is true what they say about real estate :location, Location, Location! Your location is awesome. Beautiful images, happy skywatching!


  6. I think I may beg to differ over the first line of this post!!!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW

    Stewart M – Melbourne

    PS; wonderful pictures on a hot first day of Autumn.


  7. Tons of snow this winter. Your photos are so beautiful. What inspiring surroundings for meditation and reflection. Indeed, you are blessed!


  8. Your place is a snowy paradise. Love how the trees are lined, and the markings on the snow seemed like someone had been skating!


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