79 thoughts on “True grit, love and snow

  1. And this is something i have never seen with my eyes. I have seen two snowfalls in all my life both on mountains one in India and other in Nepal 😀 So extra lovely picture for me.


  2. I remember loving horses that much at her age. It wasn’t that cold where I grew up but I would get up VERY early to be at the stable- 4:30 I think. Girls + horses= true love. Great pic! Cheers, Danette


  3. O wow! That horse looks so determined to stay with the girl, even though it is a struggle! And the girl seems to be gently keeping the horse calm! A very beautiful photo!


  4. You know what Fiona? I don’t care what anybody may say about the snow and cold. I feel there is something so special about living in the Northern Hemisphere that is undefinable. However, your photos define it beautifully every single time! Thanks so much.


  5. hello, lady fi… just dropping by to say i just saw the lady behind the wonderful photos and the poetic narration. by the by, the artist on the gravatar looks younger, ahaha. 😉 it’s almost summer here in the tropics, seeing your pics refreshes things around here. warm regards, as always… 🙂


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