Frosted freedom

For nearly three weeks,

My world has been wrapped

In shades of silver and grey.

Frosted freedom copy

I can never get enough of

One of my favourite winter scenes —

Silver-haired trees

And hoar frost on birdhouse and bridge.

Frosted view copy

The scene has both thrills and beauty

When a sudden snow shower

Sprinkles Oscar, my dog, with diamonds of snow.

Snow shower copy

For more frosted shots, please visit: Our World Tuesday.


91 thoughts on “Frosted freedom

  1. Just incredibly beautiful. It’s really such a gift to travel through your Winter with you through your images.Thank you.


  2. Hi Fiona, You take the BEST winter photos of anyone I know. The ‘frosted’ trees are GORGEOUS… WOW…..

    Tell Oscar to enjoy that snow for me. We have rain on the way here today!


  3. I hope Oscar enjoyed getting his snow shower as much as I enjoyed seeing it! 🙂 Who is his friend in the first photo? They sure look like they’re having a blast.

    These scenes are beautiful and elegant. I love these glimpses you provide into your magical snowglobe world!


  4. I do love your beautiful, snowy world! Your photos are like visiting a whole different world and I love it! And, yes, you and Oscar are indeed a magical presence to many — me included! Have a great week!


  5. Such beautiful winter wonderland scenes… gosh this has just called to mind a forgotten memory about a favourite childhood book where the child imagines a snowy wonderland and it looked exactly like this! I must try to remember it… thank you!


  6. I’ve never experienced hoar frost so It’s always a thrill to see someone photos. Yours are always among the very best.


  7. so very beautiful. I am so glad you are enjoying the winter snow and bringing these glorious images to us. It looks like Oscar is enjoying it too.
    Have a wonderful week and thank you for sotpping by my blog today.


  8. What a magical landscape … and SO alien to what I’m seeing at the end of a long, hot summer downunder! Enjoy your cool monochromes – it could be VERY different!!!


  9. here too it has been snowing on and off for several weeks…but the light where you live is so very magical Fi…thank you for always sharing so much beauty with us through your lens:-)


  10. Gorgeous! It’s snowing up north and I’ve just heard there might be a chance of some snow falling at the Sintra Mountain Range, 12 kms north from my place, but I don’t believe it until I see it. 🙂


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