Spider art

A couple of weeks ago, we woke up

To the eerie sight of a world wrapped in

A cocoon of spider webs.

The sparkling grass

Rocked a small web hammock to sleep.

A luminous spider

Hung suspended on a necklace of pearls.

And I saw the universe

Beautifully reflected in a row

Of crystal dew drops.

For more dewy magic, please visit: Our World.

82 thoughts on “Spider art

  1. So unusual. I’ve seen something of the same in a particular area in our country. It is eerie but also beautiful. Your images are wonderful.


  2. Beautiful shots, I love the soft draping feeling of spiders webs, but only in photographs.

    I read somewhere that if there are a lot of spiders webs during the autumn months it will be a hard winter…I so hope that’s not true.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


  3. What delicate, breathtaking beauty and awesome captures for the day! I’m always amazed by the incredible, delicate beauty of spider webs and you’ve captured it perfectly! Have a wonderful week!


  4. The spider web is a delicate wonder– although also wonderfully creepy. You caught the wonder and completely dropped the creep. Terrific photos!


  5. oh wow…they add such magic gossamer to the trees….what cool pics…love the close ups too and the dew on the strands…hoping you have a wonderful day!


  6. Spider webs are so magical! I love how intricate and fine they are! I also love seeing spiders outside. (In the house, I capture them with a clear plastic cup and escort them into the garden.) I had the privilege of seeing a spider hatching a couple of years ago. Thousands oftiny sparkling golden spiders throwing up little webs into the breeze and taking off to live their lives! It was one of the most charming things I’ve ever seen. I only wish you could have seen it and taken one of your unforgettable photos of the sight! Me with my iphone camera didn’t have a chance!


  7. I always wonder whether or not I get rid of it when I see its great work in my garden. Glints in the sunlight or in the dewdrops on it look magically beautiful.


  8. Hi ladyfi,
    As cosmos said, I also hesitate to remove spider webs. When my son was a little child, I read “Charlotte’s Web” for him. Since then he had never allow me to get rid of the webs. And now spider webs are my favorite objects for a camera.
    The spider net with rain drops in your photo is far more beautiful than diamond necklace for a princess. Exquisite art!
    I will go out to look for webs , grabbing my camera.


  9. Not a bad thing to wake up to; the universe in front of you. Sadly many might not seen it at all. The earth, the universe need more of your kind. Now more than ever.


  10. gorgeous and now i want to slap on my macro and go hunt spider webs, its wet enough here .. rain from the blowhard Isaac


  11. Calling by today my friend from Our World Tuesday, what a stunning series of photos from your part of the world you have shared with us.


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