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August’s universe

August offers up a universe of lovely bouquets:

A dazzling pink galaxy of flowers;


Yellow suns floating in the wind;


Or a floral star in the sky;


And, finally, an orange planet

Of gorgeous, sunlit petals.


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Spider art

A couple of weeks ago, we woke up

To the eerie sight of a world wrapped in

A cocoon of spider webs.

The sparkling grass

Rocked a small web hammock to sleep.

A luminous spider

Hung suspended on a necklace of pearls.

And I saw the universe

Beautifully reflected in a row

Of crystal dew drops.

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Double dose of golden

There’s gold in the August sky

And a golden in the water.

Life doesn’t get much better than this!

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Images of summer Sweden

August: hot days, cool quiet mornings, school starts next week. Shining sun and clouds – a premonition of autumn.

It’s a time to savour: hold on just a little longer to those long light nights that are already getting shorter. A time to remember that the sun shone high in the sky well past 10.30 at night.

Hot air ballooning at 10 pm

Hot air ballooning at 10 pm

It’s a time for sweaty or wet (depending on the weather) blueberry picking in the mosquito-haunted woods. And for lingering swims in warm waters. And ice cream.


August is a time to love and hate with its dazzling days that can turn chilly on a whim, with those glorious sunsets putting on a peacock show of colours earlier and earlier.


It’s a time to enjoy the blossoms of summer, even as they wither on the stem.

A bit like life really.

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