75 thoughts on “Missing you

  1. Awww…How sweet! If only we could all have someone who would love us so unconditionally and so loyally as a dog does! That face could melt even the iciest of hearts. Who could resist? It is such a wonderful thing to be missed. To know that there are others who love and care for you.


  2. Life would not be as sweet without a loving face like Oscars to light up each day!! Such a beautiful friend he is and what a great capture! Hope you and your family — two-legged and four-legged, have a lovely weekend!



  3. I believe you.He must have been so worried about you! I am glad you are back home and that you had such a wonderful time, Fi. What great memories you have created. Unforgetable. The way it should be.

    P.S. I browsed with my daughters your blog the other night and they loved it! It was a very sweet moment for me to share my friend´s world with them. And Mayra and Sandra especially loved Oscar… just like me. Hugs.


  4. Oscar’s not the only one who missed you. Welcome back. The love and loyalty that a dog has for their owner is the most unwavering thing on the planet.


  5. Oscar is so beautiful, and of course he missed you, Fi. You are his world. Our Lindy is like that when my husband is away. She is happy to see me after I’ve gone to visit my family for a while, but the one she really misses is the one she thinks of as her person, just as you are Oscar’s person. She actually mourns when my husband is away, which, unfortunately, he often is because of his work.


  6. We used to have a tiny poodle who when we left her with my mother in law or my mom, wouldn’t speak to us when we returned. It a day for her to get her nose out of joint.


  7. I love when after being all week studying in Barcelona, I come back to my parent’s house and my dogs are happy to see me and won’t let me alone!!!
    Dogs are the best!
    Your dog is cute!
    Greetings from Barcelona.


  8. That is one of the most beuatiful things about coming home.;)) Having someone who missed you greet you – and what is more rewarding than the unconditional embrace of our pets.;))
    Lovely shot, one can read it all in his eyes.


  9. Aw, he really really loves you!! There is nothing like coming home to an ecstatic pair of dogs… but then they become so clingy that you cannot do anything around the house (this is what happens in my case!)


  10. I just got back from a week and a half away too…Kelly came bounding down the staircase and wouldn’t leave me alone until we’d hugged and loved til she was satisfied!!!
    Love the photo of Oscar!!!


  11. Oscar’s expressive face brought me into your blog, but your lovely words kept me here for a while…great blog!!! Oscar is just precious and he looks wise beyond his years. The unconditional love of a dog is a blessing.


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