On top of the world

I arrived back from New York this morning.
(So please excuse me for not getting around to visit you yet…)

One of the highlights of my visit – apart from all the wonderful people I met –

Was a trip up to the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Centre)

Where blue sky seems to bow down and kiss you.

As we reached the observation deck on the 67th floor,

The sun created the perfect canopy for the Empire State Building.

Going up two more levels

Gave breathtaking views of New York floating in a haze of sunbeams.

For more great views, please visit: Skywatch.

92 thoughts on “On top of the world

  1. I think a lot of us think about the Twin Towers when see pictures of NYC, I know I do. These are awesome captures of such a breathtaking view and beautiful skies as a bonus! Have a great weekend!



  2. Gorgeous photos! I had a chance to go several years ago and passed it up. I’m still kicking myself and it’s near the top of my “need some money first” Bucket List!


  3. I have say, I am very much a solid ground type person, I think that building may be a beautiful, but, don’t let me near it. Eyuk.


  4. Gorgeous views of New York’s skyline! Wonderful photos, Lady Fi! I can not wait to see more of your travel photos too. Happy skywatching and have a happy weekend!


  5. Great captures that will, I’m sure, continue to bring back many happy memories for you and yours. Glad you arrived home safely. Thanks for sharing.


  6. The last picture is breathtaking.The skyscrapers behind the Empire State Building look mirage. Welcome back!


  7. Welcome back! NYC is a great place for pleasure trip, but I would not live there (lived for 3 years).

    Your photos are expansive and beautiful!


  8. Lady Fi,
    These are really fascinating photos. They look as if the magical world suddenly appears as mirage
    It is a contradiction. I love to watch a vast view from a high place, but I have serious acrophobia.
    Have a nice weekend!


  9. Thank you for commenting on my photo, Lady Fi. I am so glad you did as it allowed me to see your magnificent photos. Wow! I have been to NYC many times but never dared walk up to the top of the highest towers. :-)) Bravo.


  10. I’ve been on top of the ESB, but not on top of the Rockefeller Center and, as we can see, the view is fantastic from there too. Great shots!


  11. Beautiful photos – as many times as I’ve been to NYC, I’ve never been up there.

    I tried turning word verification off recently, and within a few hours had comments that included links to porn and malware. Unfortunately I’ve had to turn it back on (and even with that, I’ve had almost a dozen spam comments in the last 24 hours). I will probably need to go to comment approval, and at that point I may just give up on blogging altogether as my time is too limited.


  12. As always, great photos. I lived and worked in New York in the 70’s and early 80’s before moving out. I still miss the place, and am always eager to spend time there. I hope you had a great time visiting.


  13. Unbelievable.
    I love NYC. Although I’ve only been twice.
    Absolutely unbelievable shots.. can’t wait to show my family. We are all NYC fans.
    I love your blog. Love.


  14. That final shot sucked all the breath from me (and I can see the Manhattan skyline from a highway near here; it never gets old). Absolutely frameable. Thank you.


  15. The last one really caught my attention. Went to a wedding celebration there and watched the sky change as the sun went down, amazing.


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