Going with the flow

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow

And realize that life is as delicious as a leaf floating on water.

We can’t control everything,

But with roots and wings we can go far.

Even when the world looks grey

You can see that it has shades of silver in it.

Children teach us the simple lesson

That sometimes we just need to be still and listen to the sound of our own breathing.

I’m still in New York so won’t be able to visit your blogs until the end of the week. Thank you so much for popping in!

Do check out: Saturday Sareenity. And Our World.

57 thoughts on “Going with the flow

  1. All the shots are spectacular, though the last two shots are breathtaking. The lake looks so eerily beautiful, and the silhouette in black and white is a stark contrast to the reflected colors. You have a magnificent eye for grabbing photos. Enjoy your time in New York, my old stomping grounds when I was young.


  2. Boy did I need this dose of your gorgeous photos and words! It’s only Monday and I can feel the tension building, but this post is a breath of fresh air. I hope you are enjoying NY. I want to go there to visit my son in a couple months so I look forward to seeing some of your photos of the sights.


  3. I seriously missed the fact that you are in New York, bet you´re getting some great photos and having a blast, can´t wait to hear all about it! My computer has been down this past weekend so haven´t been around much either. These photos were wonderful and your words are perfection for every photo!


  4. I can relate to this. I like to stop by my favorite pond to enjoy the stillness of the water without saying a word. Thank you for the touching and inspirational post.


  5. Very beautiful photos as usual!
    The flowing river never stops
    and yet the water never stays the same.

    Foam floats upon the pools,
    scattering, re-forming,
    never lingering long.
    So it is with man
    and all his dwelling places
    here on earth
    Hojoki, translated by Yasuhiko Moriguchi and David Jenkins


  6. Love all these images, you pay attention to so many details in your surroundings.:) I also love the sentiment of going with the flow and that loss of control, something I seriously need to work on.;))


  7. Such a wonderfully peaceful series of photographs.
    I especially love the third one.
    Fantastic perspective.
    Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend!


  8. Beautiful post Lady Fi!!! I absolutely love the two last pictures! Magic!

    I’m visiting from Staurday Sareenity.

    Regards from Barcelona.


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