The pilgrims

The secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life, and in elevating them to art.  — William Morris

Dazzling landscapes and wide views are glorious,

But there is beauty in the details too.

The details allow us to see the emotions of nature:

How a tiny twig looks like weary traveller;

How wind-blown branches are like pilgrims

Walking to a dream destination

Where fortitude and tenacity and belief in self matter.

For more small details, please visit: Our World.

75 thoughts on “The pilgrims

  1. the details allow us to see the emotions of nature…very cool…and love that quote…so much to see in the pics too…the crystalline structure of the frost….very cool close ups…


  2. A picture is worth a thousand words, but only if the picture shares the story. The meaning is there, not in verbal or visual representation.

    I’m enjoying the photos, however – ice crystals are easier to appreciate in the abstract.


  3. Love how the twigs look like prickly pears in the winter! You captured them wonderfully…I never looked at the “pilgrims” but will look next time I´m out….


  4. You words were so fascinating and wonderful. Its true, indeed, that our nature has various emotions for us to see and enjoy and every detail in our life is worth enough to make us a peaceful and happy person.


  5. Gorgeous details! The Siberian cold wave that’s hitting most of Europe is coming this way… Temperatures can drop to 0ºC here, but it’s such a dry weather that I don’t think I will see any snow.


  6. Hey LadyFi, did you try to Submit a Picture? Or maybe you just put your Comment in the Submission Box… I got your Comment “Can’t wait to see the entries!” in the Submissions Box, but No Photo?

    You can let me know



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