106 thoughts on “Sunbeams

  1. I think these are my favorite pics of yours!! You somehow captured on film more of the essence that makes these in-person scenes breathtaking! They’re wonderful!! 😉 But even still, I’m sure it was even more amazing to see it with your own two eyes…


  2. Dramatic and very beautiful skywatch!

    About my comment – I have closed it for a period. I like to comment back to those I have and can not have so many right now.

    Best wishes to you:-)


  3. These are really great pictures – I love the beams of light.

    But what I really like is how the colour tone of the whole picture is so different to the ones I take. Different light from different ends of the planet.



  4. Outstanding! I was about to say these are some of my favourite shots on your blog but I’m afraid I’ve already said it a couple of times more!… 🙂


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