River Art

A summer excursion I always enjoy is to wander along the banks of a slow-moving stream in the small town of Norrtälje to see the art installations.

The art is actually placed in the river. Like this one – Matilda Dreaming.

Apparently, she was one of the first people to open a savings account way back when and that red house represents the bank.

This sculpture sure got a lot of interest! (Yes – pun intended…)

As we meandered along in the warm sunshine, we spotted some numbskulls.

I liked the contrast between the white skulls and the living ducks.

There were lots more installations, but I got distracted by nature’s own art:

A reflection of the secret underside of a bridge.

And, finally, in a flourish of colours,

The small wooden houses along the river delighted me with their own wooden charm.

For more secret glimpses, please visit: Our World.

83 thoughts on “River Art

  1. Partial to Nature’s art and these photos are are wonderful. Love the underbelly of that bridge and the bright painted houses! What a lovely setting.


  2. Neat way to present art, though I confess the skulls creeped me out a bit. Love love the bridge photo; the houses are so joyous. Thank you.


  3. The light in the photos is magical, Fi – it enhances the colors and shadows and reflections. Those houses look literally ON the water! The river art is very creative. I like the placement of the bed in the grasses.


  4. River art is unique, and I think you presented them more attractively in your photography. No wonder you got more tuned into nature’s own art as your photos show us.


  5. What a fascinating and unique way of presenting art, I wonder what the duck thinks of the numbskulls! I like the underside of the bridge photo and the colourful houses too. Poor ‘Matilda Dreaming’ – her bed sinking head first and does that red house Bank represent her ‘drowning’ in Bank charges…!!! Really great selection of photo’s.


  6. Very beautiful and interesting, Lady Fi. The colorful houses are very joyful.
    I loved the previous pictures of Oscar….what a wonderful boy he is.


  7. I’m with you, I too would have been distracted by the natural world that in your country shows so much beauty, although I did like the simplicity of the sculls. A lovely post.


  8. So LOVE the idea of the outdoor art installations – I am particularly taken with ‘Matilda’ because she also features in one of Australia’s best known folk ballads – Waltzing Matilda!! Have a great day!!


  9. Your photos never fail to blow me away. That river art is amazing. Love those skulls. And the fact that you could make art out of the underside of a bridge — my God, woman. You are amazing.


  10. Wonderful post and it made me laugh… that pun was perfect! And the numbskulls… well… what can I say!
    I can see how you got distracted though… the place is marvelous!


  11. I love theses. That first one is an actual river bed. 😉 And I particularly love the secret underside of the bridge. Well caught and well put.


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